Monday, November 5, 2007

Meet me in St. Louis (Louie)

We had time for a brief ride when we arrived in St. Louis at Cliff's sister's house, but there was a slight problem; our new Gold Wing needed a battery.  Cliff was so anxious to ride it, though, that he and Pat jump-started it and we went for a brief ride around St. Louis.  I was hoping and praying that Cliff didn't kill it in that horrible traffic, because if he had, it would have sat there, dead in the water.  Once we got our ride in, we all went to Wal Mart and got a battery.  By morning it was charged up and ready to go.  We've had to buy a battery for all three of the Gold Wings we've owned now.

We love Charlene's house and the neighborhood it's in.  It's quieter than any country home; you can't hear sounds of traffic at all, and you seldom see any neighbors moving around. 

Charlene loves living in St. Louis.  She says everything they need is within fifteen minutes.  She enjoys the crowded malls for shopping and the vast selection of places to dine.  Honestly, you'd think she had died and gone to heaven, and was driving on streets of gold and living in her heavenly mansion.  We are happy for her and Pat.

For folks like me and Cliff, shopping has no appeal at all.  And we certainly don't need any more temptation to eat out that we already have; we've each gained six pounds lately, right here in the boonies; probably seven or eight, after this weekend. 

Nor can I imagine having to drive somewhere to walk with my dog.  So we won't be looking for a home in St. Louis in the near future.

I will tell you, though, that St. Louis is a wonderful place to visit, and there are some historic places that I'm dying to dive into!  I'm glad we have free lodging when we go there.

I'll be telling about some of the things we saw in other entries.



gen0507 said...

Well I'm glad that you guys are ready to roll.  Have great fun.
I like the country life,also.


siennastarr said...

Glad that first ride worked out, and the thing didn't die on you!  

Sound slike you had a good time!  Looking forward to more tales from the Gold Wing! hee


plieck30 said...

That would be a draw back to have to drive to walk your dog. Glad you had a nice trip. Paula

ryanagi said...

Oh my gosh! Those outfits were a scream! Looks like that group walked right out of a Shaft movie from the 70s. Wow!

fowfies said...

I know it was good to see your friends since they moved. Sounds like they are really comfortable with their new surroundings. Bet they liked seeing your new Goldwing.

suzypwr said...

I almost went there in January - I am disappointed that I didn't make it. Maybe one of these days! Glad you had a wonderful, if filling, time :-)