Friday, November 9, 2007

Deer season has begun

The grandson is heading south to deer-hunt with some friends.  He bought a roll of hot summer sausage at work today for the trip, and here at the house he grabbed a half-roll of Ritz crackers.  I suggested he take a whole roll.

"There's some bologna in the freezer," I offered. 

I had bought it for that weekend we took the granddaughters to Branson, in case we ran out of real food.  Fat chance of that happening.  Anyhow, we don't eat bologna around here.  So he took it.  Then I offered cheese, which he also accepted.

"If you're taking bologna and cheese, you need bread and Miracle Whip," I told him.  So we found a container for that stuff, and some plastic knives for spreading.

The grandson headed out with both hands full of food, bidding me goodbye.

"Drive carefully, and shoot safely," I said.

"Oh, crap!" he exclaimed, setting down the foodstuff.  "I almost forgot my gun; I'm sure glad you said 'shoot safely'."

*deep sigh, accompanied by a shrug and rolling of the eyes*


ora4uk said... all I can say!!! Hugs...Ora

redpoppy007 said...


gen0507 said...

I can relate to that.  He sounds just like my 15 year old son. Where would they be without us to take care of them?  LOL

fowfies said...

Wouldn't get much hunting accomplished without the But he wouldn't have been hungry! LOL

randlprysock said...

He's gonna have a great time!!  My husband loves to deer hunt... and nothing is better than a bolony and ritz crackers snack!!!!  Summer sausage and mustard and miracle whip... yummy!!!!  Let us know if he shoots anything.  Glad you reminded him to take his gun.  LOL>  Hugs,

jawojnar said...

LOL, typical man!!!

mutualaide said...

Food goeth before a fall?  ROFLOL!  

helmswondermom said...

Thomas won't eat meat when he's hunting.  He'll go off meat for a week or two before the first hunt.  He feels that it's harder to mask your scent when you've eaten meat.  I don't know if it works, but he always gets multiple deer each year.

suzypwr said...

At least he remembered food. He has you to remember most things!