Monday, November 26, 2007

The day after Thanksgiving in Georgia

Friday in Columbus, Georgia, was sunny and cold.  We mostly just hung out, eating leftovers and snacks whenever we got hungry.



fierrorachel said...

After the fourth person said, "He is a good lookin' guy!" I took another look.  Jim *is* a good lookin' guy!  Dang, don't tell him I said so.  He's showing his age, isn't he?  Then again, who isn't?  Hey, Jim, you're a good lookin' guy.  'Nuff said.  Now, maybe my friends can shut up about it!

amy122389 said...

Texas Roadhouse!  I love those rolls they serve before the food!


marainey1 said...

Nice pictures with some lovely memories.  'On Ya' - ma

fowfies said...

I like Texas Roadhouse...we have one in Hiram about thirty minutes away...good eatin. Enjoyed the pictures!

gen0507 said...

I like that place too.  It's so good.

randlprysock said...

Love the grandchildren and your son's doggies are so cute too!!!  Looks like a wonderful time!!  I am all for steak!!!  Hugs,