Thursday, November 15, 2007


I forgot to do this last night, but better late than never.  Right?

I'm thankful that, as of this week, my husband has FOUR WEEKS of paid vacation per year.


madcobug said...

Now that is really something to be thankful for. Helen

ora4uk said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! LOL...hugs...Ora

gen0507 said...

That is something to be thankful for.  Imagine all the trips you guys can take on that motorcycle, when you get that knee fixed.

mutualaide said...

Oh, he's worked there forever now, hasn't he?  LOL

Congrats Cliff!  It's nice to get all that time off paid.  

suzypwr said...

It will increase to 52 when he retires - a very nice benefit :-)