Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vote for Antique Mommy

I'm not much on blog awards and contests, but by george, Antique Mommy has such a talent that I'm gathering votes for her.  To read her most thoughtful and excellent blog, click HERE; you won't be sorry.

To vote for hers as the best parenting blog, click HERE.

She's running in third place, but catching up fast.

Come on, come on; just vote once for my sake, if nothing else.


mawmellow said...

Went and voted for her !!  She has a ways to go but hopefully she'll make it since you think so much of her writing :)

ickivic said...

Done, my vote is in, She sure can write, thanks for getting me there.  Vicki

fowfies said...

I have gone there from time to time since you posted her site last. She definitely has a way with words that entertains! Will go and vote now.