Thursday, November 2, 2006

An outing for Sadie and other sunny-day happenings

I had planned on another horseback ride today, but Cliff was preparing to go to his brother's place to use some of the fancy equipment in his shop.  Phil has a thing that breaks tires down (like service stations use), and Cliff wanted to make use of that; while he was there, he figured he'd change oil

"You may as well go," he said.

"Well, I was going to ride," I told him.  "But if I could take Sadie along, I wouldn't mind going."

See, Cliff's brother lives at the end of a one-mile-long drive, very isolated.  I figured that would be one place where I could safely turn Sadie loose and, for once in her life, let her run as much as she wanted.

To my surprise, Cliff agreed.  We loaded her into her crate in the back seat and away we went.

We were a half-hour away from home, almost to our destination, when I remembered the applesauce I'd had cooking on the stove at home.

"Oh Cliff," I moaned, "I don't think I turned off the burner under the applesauce!"

I'll leave what Cliff said to your imagination.

I thought of our renter, and told Cliff I'd call and ask her to go check my stove, and turn it off if necessary.  Whew, that saved the day.  I might have been sleeping on the couch for a couple of days if we'd had to turn around and come back home.

Needless to say, Sadie had a blast.  She was on the go for two hours, the whole time we were there.  I visited with Phil's wife for awhile, but most of the time I just played with my dog.

The filly, Libby, is really doing well.  I was afraid after being hurt on the trailer when we transported her here, that she wouldn't load easily again, and I decided to find out.  But she hopped right in with very little hesitation. 

The final necessary thing Libby had to learn in order to stay alive here was to drink out of the in-ground waterers, because they don't freeze in winter.  So I dumped the big stock tank  yesterday, which meant she'd have to drink out of the in-ground ones, or not drink at all.

After our hour of bonding today, I led her to the waterer and she lowered her head and took a long, refreshing drink.  I believe she must have already found it on her own.

I really hate that she has the scar on her leg.  I don't think it did any real damage, but it's a shame for such a pretty little filly to have a scar for life. 



marainey1 said...

I bet your Sadie was in heaven, how wonderful for you both !  It's cold here !
'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

Thats great that you went and took Sadie. I know she really enjoyed that. Poor Libby having that scar. She is a smart horse to already find the watering hole. Helen

bnanajm said...

I can just see that dog running with the wind.  What a treat for her.  I'm so glad that Libby is settling in with the group.  And indeed, she is a pretty filly.

plieck30 said...

My deceased husband would have loved to have all that equipment in his garage. Hope the applesauce was okay. Paula

fmgruber said...

Hey Kiddo: How's about anther one of then infamious on the go commentaries of yours. I did so enjoyed you and blue stroll about a month or so back.
Apple saassss! LMAO!

fmgruber said...

Yeahup! Rooster Comb. When we go next week I'm going to try and get the one dose bottle. Strange how they worry about every little medical think falling into the wrong hands?????

astaryth said...

Woo hoo! Lucky Sadie! And, about Libby's scar, wait! Often something you think is going to scar will heal almost clean on a young horse....must be to compensate for all the scrapes they get into as little ones!

jawojnar said...

Thank goodness your remembered the stove being on! Glad you and Sadie had a great day playing. My husband would be jealous of your BIL's garage!

schoolgal040 said...

Trailering horses, especially ones that have been injured in them can be a bit tricky. I got kicked once helping my ex load a horse many years ago. How I walked away with just a bad bruise and not a broken leg amazed everybody! I hurt SO bad.....LOL! Lilly is beautiful.
So nice to see dogs being able to run around like crazy. Isn't it fun? I'm constantly naggin Bobby to take us all up to Red Rock Canyon to turn Hershey and Yager loose. Maybe this weekend :).


hestiahomeschool said...

My girls were looking at a scar on my thumb today---a horse trailor door got slammed on it when I was fourteen, breaking it and ripping off the nail.

I felt like a horse that was trailor shy. Now I am always anxious when closing that door!

whitedove3622 said...

Great pictures of Sadie training Mo how to play throw the stick. Love it !!