Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday's project, bringing the bargain tractor home

After noticing my son's comment on the last entry, I figured for his sake I'd best show the pictures taken on our trip after the Ford 4000 tractor.

We had to use our grandson's pickup, the one we sold him; Cliff gave him gas money, and I made him cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and grilled him a couple of brisket and cheese sandwiches like he's always begging for, for lunch.  There was even one piece left of Monica's birthday Oreo dessert (his favorite).

I've been out spending time with Libby, the filly... and something around here smells like horse-poop.  I'm off to change clothes, bathe, or whatever it takes to lose this odor!  (No, it isn't my shoes, I wore boots outside and changed back to sneakers when I was done.)


woodmotorsports said...

Don't ever let it be said you can't take a hint. Thanks mom.

fierrorachel said...

That tractor looks SOOO much better than his other "project" tractors.  I'm impressed.

magran42 said...

I'm glad your son commented because I can identify with this kind of thing.  Would have liked to see better how you tied it down cause the tie-down is such a big thing here in NC.  All sorts of tickets can be gotten if it isn't done "thier way".
We run into that width problem pretty often too.

karlaellen said...

Getting that tractor looked like an awful lot of work.
I enjoyed seeing how it was done.
Another great ride on Bule.
I love seeing his head and face or between his ears
while on your rides.

rebuketheworld said...

Can I come live with you? pretty there....Great tractor! -Raven