Saturday, November 25, 2006

smashed pennies

We retrieved pennies we'd taped to the railroad track yesterday, some more smashed than others.  We also gathered up some pieces of coal spilled from passing trains, thinking to have Cliff start a fire for us so we could see it burn.  I vaguely remember, as a child, the smell of burning coal, and wanted to re-capture that.  The fire might have been successful except that Monica started tossing objects into it when it was barely starting.  I'll have to play with coal fires when the girls aren't here. 

I think trains are much fewer on holiday weekends, because on my horseback rides and railroad adventures the last four days, there haven't been nearly as many. 

A neighbor told me yesterday that nails are fun to smash on railroad tracks, too.  So that'll probably be our next experiment.

Don't hold your breath until that one, though.  My knees need a rest from hill-climbing and track-walking.


mastersblynn said...

Neato Mosquito!  Great that you do cool things with your granddaughters! Barbara

mumma4evr said...

your grandkids are very lucky to have you!

lmitc89854 said...

My grandfather lived near the train staion in Ontario. He taught us how to do the penny thing. I carried a twice crushed Canadian penny for over twenty years before I lost it.  I've always loved the sound of the trains.

randlprysock said...

Sounds like you are surely getting that exercise!!  Hugs,

marainey1 said...

Talk about knees needing a rest, I just can't begin to tell you about mine...'On Ya' - ma

lacaza3 said...

wow that really works ..I thought it was a wives
Donna In TEXAS

magran42 said...

Brings back back childhood memories when I walked the tracks to my grandmother's house daily after school.