Thursday, November 9, 2006

Weekend Assignment: Favorite Children's Books

For this week's Weekend Assignment, John Scalzi wants to know: What were your favorite children's books? Tell us in your blog, and link to the post in the comments section of John's audio entry.

Because I'm always trying to find little pieces of my childhood, I went and purchased my favorite childhood books on Ebay; that's them in the picture:  Little Black Sambo, The Story Of Cooky, and Egermeier's Bible Story Book. 

I'm thankful for parents who read to me, and taught me to love books. 

I remember one time sitting on Daddy's lap on a Sunday morning, him reading the funnies to me while I looked at the pictures.  And I recall the book of Mother Goose rhymes Mother read to me so often that I knew them all by heart.  I fondly recollect the Bobbsey Twins and Heidi and Little House On The Prairie.

I'm thankful today for books.


ora4uk said...

As a child growing up...never remember having a book in our home...and certainly no newspapers....or funnies....until I started school....and until the third grade we were not allowed to take books out of the library and take home....had books but had to keep them at school first two years...but boy when I found the library...a whole new world opened up for me....I read everything I could get my hands on...and still do....reading is a wondrous past time...and I remember Little Black Sambo...and the Bobbsey Twins...and it pleases me to know my children and grand children are readers....maybe not as heavily as Granny....but they do read....LOL...hugs from KY...Ora

lmitc89854 said...

All my grandchildren have their own bookshelves because I brought books into their mother's lives, (I fondly believe!) I named one of our cats Sambo (in this pc era! good thing we lived in the country!) One of my current favorites which i have read to my grandkids is "Love you Forever")

lanurseprn said...

How COOL that you found books from your childhood!  What treasures!  I love books. We grew up with them and my son now has a love for them as well...thank God!  He is always into some book, now.  
Enjoy them.