Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Does Cliff ever relax?"

OK, so a couple of my readers wonder if Cliff ever relaxes.  They say he wears them out.

You don't understand.

The work Cliff does on our place is how he relaxes.  It's what he loves to do, it's his recreation.

We have friends from our younger days who sold their place once they retired:  they live in a camper, and go deep-sea fishing in Florida in wintertime.  It seems one of their main occupations these days is shuffleboard.  This fellow told Cliff, last time we saw them, "I sure don't miss putting up hay!"

Dear Lord, Cliff's idea of hell is being confined to playing shuffleboard and going fishing.  He loves putting up hay!

Please don't expect him to sit and watch TV unless he's put in several hours of work around here first.

I believe some of the old codgers who read my journal will say a hearty "amen" to this.

I've lived with this man for over thirty years.  I know what it takes to make him happy.  He's most relaxed when he's doing some project around our home place. 

Trust me on this.

And if he really needs some extra help relaxing, we'll hop on the Honda and go for a little road trip.


plieck30 said...

Yep I know what you're saying. Mel always had a project going in the garage for when he wasn't "fixing" something. His only vise was watching the Dallas Cowboys. Paula

siennastarr said...

I figured that was probably the case, Donna! lol  I kind of left that "does Cliff every relax" comment as a tongue in cheek.  I know from reading you that he loves to be busy.. it's what makes him happy!  
I just think Cliff is awesome, that's all! :)


rebuketheworld said...

AMEN woman! I need a good dose ot a Cliff character change....I think thats awesome...-Raven

magran42 said...

LOL, It seems funny to me that people don't know what you're saying.....C.Y. can relax fishing because he turns it into work.  He would curl up and die if he had to relax with shuffleboard.  It is a wise woman that recognizes her "man's" needs.

madcobug said...

You could tell how Cliff relaxes by how he could hardly wait for his heart and incision to heal after the op to start doing things. Helen

lanurseprn said...

Some men are like that....forget the remote. Give them a shovel or a lawnmower LOL!  My boyfriend is like that. He'd rather be outside working on my lawn or fixing the house up than watching a movie.  
Not me....give me my computer anytime! LOL!

csandhollow said...

Now i did say it tires me out but hey that is the sort of stuff i lke to do also. Nothing please me moer thatn getting out there and doing stuff.