Monday, November 27, 2006

Happiness is a ham-bone!

While digging around in the deep freeze this morning, I noticed a ham bone I had forgotten about.

Oh, the possibilities!

My first thought was to make a pot of pinto beans.

Then I remembered split pea soup, and checked the cabinet to see if I had any split peas.


Lunch is made now, and the Split Pea soup is divided for one meal today, one tomorrow.  Or maybe I'll freeze tomorrow's and spread the pleasure (and gas) out by a few days.

Amazing how much meat is on a little ole ham bone.  I imagine there was a cup-and-a-half.  However, I weighed it once the bone was removed, and it was only six ounces.  So I figured the sodium per serving at 650 or so grams... not great, but not terribly bad, either.

I do believe I'll go for a ride now; there's a bitter cold front headed our way Wednesday.


tpiez4me said...

Mmmmm, I would have opted for Pinto's or Dry Lima's, either way enjoy your treasure and your ride!!

sugarsweet056 said...

I love to save the ham bone at Christmas, New Years, &'re right so many things to use it in. My fav is blk eyed peas! Yummy. Of course here, they throw it out! GRRR
Hugs, Sugar

marainey1 said...

mmmmmm...sure sounds good!  I love them both !!  Enjoy !  'On Ya' - ma

siennastarr said...

MMM... split pea soup!  That sounds so good!  Haven't had that in ages.  I'm not a big Ham fan.  I will only eat it, if it's a honey baked ham... otherwise... blech! lol
Like it in split pea soup though!


memes121 said...

A new journal is here!
It is my gift to J-land.
Come and celebrate with me and spread the word! Also my friend Krissy has one too! Put hers on alert! Let's all have a Merry Christmas! Tammy

lanurseprn said...

I don't eat much ham but I'm sure the way you make it I'd love it!
Have a good ride.

rebuketheworld said...

My favorite soup in the whole world....I like it chunky though...not like tomatoe are sharing a recipe anytime soon?....hint hint..-Raven