Thursday, November 16, 2006

a sunny day

Every morning when we take our walk, Cliff notices stuff that he thinks needs to be done.  A dead tree that should be cut down, limbs that hang too low to drive the tractor under... things like that.  Today he decided to work on some of those items that daily nag him.  Sadie and I joined him after awhile, and that dog was ecstatic to have some extra outdoor time, running around in circles, and finding sticks for me to throw so she could fetch them.  Until she ran away, full-speed to join the dogs next door and disappeared into Marvin's woods.  She wasn't gone too long.  When she's on the trail of another dog, she goes totally deaf, it seems.  I wasn't worried this time, because we were far removed from any road.  After about fifteen minutes, she overcame her deafness and returned to me.  Of course it's no use scolding her, because after all, she DID come to me... finally.  I hooked on her leash and tied her to the tractor for the rest of our work session.

I piled brush as Cliff trimmed it off the limbs, and helped him stack some of the wood.  I'll have to spend a lot of time at the cabin, if I'm going to use all that wood.  I'd say it's about a five-year supply.

The temperature was brisk, but the sunshine made it a pleasant morning. 


lanurseprn said...

LOL on Sadie. I bet she had a good time. But, 15 minutes?? I'd have panicked.  I'd heard you aren't supposed to scold them when they return. They think they are in trouble for coming back to you, then!  Is that right?
Love the pics of Blue!  LOL!  I thought he looked so statuesque!  Figures he'd be pooping!

siennastarr said...

ROFL!!  "oh he's pooping.."   That was too funny!  I was looking at his pose up on that hill and I thought, "He almost looks regal.. and like a statue of a horse.."  and then, next picture... "Oh he's pooping.."   I just busted out laughing!  

Does Cliff ever relax, Donna?  That man is always doing something, isn't he??


csandhollow said...

That man tires me out!

tpiez4me said...

Now you should have give Blue some privacy......Cliff reminds me of my stepDad, always busy.    

marainey1 said...

It's wet here, raining and maybe tomorrow we'll see a few snow flakes...Looks like your weather is pretty nice.  Nice pictures as always !  'On Ya' - ma

rebuketheworld said...

yah know that last photo you have?...the hill....that would be a great place to read a has that get away feeling to it....-Raven

bnanajm said...

It looks like Sadie is asking "Mom, is it time yet?  I promise I'll be good".