Friday, September 15, 2006

Songs my parents used to sing

When we'd travel in the automobile... Mother, Daddy and me... Daddy was likely to break into song at any moment.  Often when he did, my mom would join in.  They weren't great singers, by any means, but they could carry a tune just fine.  Sometimes when I'm in a reflective mood, I can almost hear them singing those old country songs.

Some were love songs, and my parents would look suggestively at one another while singing.  For instance, "I Love You A Bushel And A Peck", and "I Love You Because".

Daddy seemed to find special joy in singing "Lay That Pistol Down Babe".  I don't recall hearing anybody but my parents sing that song, but I just googled the words and realize why he smiled  as he sang it, because it has some pretty funny lyrics:

Oh, drinkin' beer in a cabaret
Was I havin' fun
Until one night she caught me right
And now I'm on the run

   Oh, lay that pistol down, babe
   Lay that pistol down
   Pistol packin' mama
   Lay that pistol down

Oh, I see you every night, Bing
And I'll woo you every day
I'll be your regular mama
And I'll put that gun away

   Oh, lay that pistol down, babe
   Lay that pistol down
   Pistol packin' mama
   Lay that thing down before it goes off and hurts somebody

Oh, she kicked out my windshield
And she hit me over the head
She cussed and cried and said I'd lied
And she wished that I was dead

Since my parents listened mostly to hillbilly music, that means their repertoire included cheating songs, and songs about being jilted, like "Slippin' Around" and "I'm Throwing Rice at the Girl That I Love". 

We were a Church-going family, so hymns were commonly  heard in our house and vehicle.  Mother regularly listened to the Blackwood Brothers Gospel quartet on the radio.  That might be where my parents learned these numbers:  "Life's Railway To Heaven," and "Royal Telephone".  That last one was a particular favorite, since we lived in the telephone office and were "central", which in the song is "never busy, always on the line."

Wow.  I'm glad my parents liked to sing!


ora4uk said...

You were blessed!!!!  Hugs...Ora

madcobug said...

I remember the "Lay that Pistol Down Babe". I guess maybe the hillbilly songs were kinda like country is today. Maybe you singing to Blue while riding comes naturally to you since your parents were singing folks ;-). Helen

mawmellow said...

Thanks for bring memories to made me reflect on my dad and him always singing.  My mom never did.  But, once when I was very young, Dad was singing Jambalya and I was amazed at the words and the catchy tune.  He told me that he just made it up.  I believed him and you can imagine a few years later when I heard it on the radio.....I was convinced my Dad's song was making him a star !!! We used to laugh over that ..... until I lost him.  Now you can imagine, what sweet memories it brings when I hear it played !!  Thanks again !  Enjoyed it :)

csandhollow said...

I had to laugh! Pat sings the bussle and a peck song al the time.

mumma4evr said...

we often sing in my home!!!  and on long trips we do too!

nanlynska said...

Let us not forget the ever popular "I Get Tears In My Ears From Lyin' On MY Back Cryin' Over You" and "I've Been Flushed from The Bathroom Of Your Heart" Those two will yank at your heart strings !!  LOL  

mutualaide said...

Oh my gosh .... so many memories, but the Bushel and A Peck?  My mother sang that to her kids and I to mine.  

buggieboo1 said...

so lucky to have wonderful memories form your childhood!


tendernoggle said...


helmswondermom said...

I used to sing "I love you, a bushel and a peck" to my kids (I'm 40) because I learned it from my parents.  Now my kids sing it.

magran42 said...

I'm glad your parents liked to sing too, because it makes you bring back good memories to me.   I probably would have never thought of "Pistol packin' mama" again in my lifetime.  THANK YOU.

fisherkristina said...

My Dad's favorites were:  I Dream of Jeanne with the Light Brown Hair, Have You Ever Swung On A Star, Mare's Eat Oats, She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain, When It's Springtime In the Rockies
Those were just some of them, LOL.  Of course I remember them, b/c he would sing them over and over again, LOL.  Yes, it was fun!  


whitedove3622 said...

Funny thing I heard that song " Lay That Pistol Down Babe" as a child many times. My Mother used to like to sing and so did her Daddy, my Grandpa. Sometimes they would get together at a party or just sit at the piano and sing. Great memories! thanks for the reminder.