Tuesday, September 19, 2006

my blood pressure is falling!

Yes, you read it right:  My blood pressure, which has been pushing 140/80 for the last couple of years, is back down around 120/60 now, where it used to run when I was in my 20's. 

I usually put this sort of entry in my boring health journal, but I thought maybe this would help somebody.

My blood pressure has lowered since Cliff came home from his open-heart surgery.  Why?

Well, most of the weight I've lost was already off before then, so that isn't it.

I was already walking a half-hour a day, although I've increased that, now that the weather is cooler.  Most days I take two half-hour walks.  Plus, since Cliff began doing fifteen to twenty minutes daily of calisthenics and light weight-lifting, I've joined him in that activity.

I use only olive oil.  Once the current bottle is empty, I'm going to virgin olive oil.  Let's see how low my BP can go!

I'm eating one ounce of nuts a day... currently almonds, but sometimes it's Planters unsalted mixed nuts  Next time it may be walnuts.  This adds almost 200 calories to my calorie tally each day, but I've read too much about the benefits to give them up now.

We have at least two meatless days each week, and at least one "fish" day.  Talapia is our fish of choice, but I sometimes mix canned tuna (packed in water) with a salad.

We have lots of sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, cooked cabbage and spinach.  I use frozen veggies and add no salt.

The only caffeine we have is in our coffee in the mornings.  The rest of the time, it's de-caf Diet Coke, tea, and coffee.

I buy no-salt-added canned goods such as tomato sauce, tomatoes and ketchup.  Since I've not been able to find a low-sodium spaghetti sauce on the grocery shelves, I make my own, from scratch.

Oh yes, we do eat out at least once a week, but we are careful about portions.

I wonder if it's any one of these things that lowered my blood pressure 20 points, or the combination?

Opinions, anyone?

I've heard so many nay-sayers who pooh-pooh the idea of limiting salt and cholesterol and caffeine; trouble is, none of them are very healthy!  Meanwhile, my blood pressure says something is working; my efforts seem to be paying off.  I made all these changes for Cliff's benefit... but I'm reaping a harvest of my own.


grahamfarmga said...

I'm glad to hear your diet changes has made a differences

robinngabster said...

Whatever it is it is working and that is great news!!!

marainey1 said...

I'm thinking it's the combination of it all ...my blood pressure is rising, sad to say and my lifestyle reflects it.  'On Ya' - ma

pinkroseal said...

  Mo, I am attending Diabetic classes , and many good  tid bits there, with books, slides, speaker, and more.  Nuts do contain a lot of fat but I love them also.
Carbs are enemies more then sugar.   Potato, corn, peas, crackers, pasta, rice, all high in  Carbs, Carbs, turn to sugar in Diabetic, which I am now.
Pop corn and pretezel good snack food, of course with out the salt and butter.
 Green beans and celery are the best, but Who wants to live on those???
We need protein for muscles.     Thanks for sharing, and keep it up to help give us will power to lose and get all numbers lower.   Good night, Pink in Minnesota

mumma4evr said...

I  thik those horse rides will lower blood pressure..mine sure felt lower after following you on your ride!!!

toonguykc said...

Wow.  My blood pressure hasn't been that low since grade school.  I'm just glad you're healthy.  I need you to be.


lv2trnscrb said...

I think its a combination of everything; lower salt, exercise, less weight and healthy eating! awesome blood pressure :)


jeff466 said...

It does sound like a combination of all your healthy choices.  Congrats!  I'll bet you feel a lot better too.  I'm trying to get a friend of mine to toss the salt shaker, but he won't listen.  I'll tell him to read your post!

Thanks-Hope you are having a great week-Jeff   http://pointclickjeff.blogspot.com/

madcobug said...

That is great! Sounds as if the combination of things you have been doing has really helped. That sounds like a great reading to me. Helen

magran42 said...

I vote for the salt and caffeine.  Wish I was as strong willed as you.

ksquester said...

All of the above and GOOD genes will do it everytime. Proud of you Donna.   Anne

deshelestraci said...

Good for you.  I do believe that the salt intake is a biggie.  Glad to see you taking steps to increase your health.

siennastarr said...

I think you are doing all the right things, and it shows in your numbers!  

Congrats Ms Healthy movie producer! hee


bookncoffee said...

Changing a lifestyle of eating habits is very difficult and you all have done a fabulous job at curtailing what you eat.  Good job.
Thanks for sharing.