Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Photo Shoot

Time to get equine for this week's photo shoot, from Blogfather John Scalzi:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Horses are nice. Show us a horse picture you've taken. It can be new, or one from your files. It just needs to have a horse in it. Donkeys, mules, ponies, zebras, and quagga are also acceptable, and I'll be impressed if you have a picture of a quagga in your files, being that they've been extinct for 125 years and all.

I had ideas for having Cliff take a new picture of me and Blue today, but then I remembered this shot he took two years ago, of Blue giving the camera the raspberry, and granddaughter Natalie posing with him.

Play along, and be sure to leave a link to your individual entry, at John Scalzi's blog.



jawojnar said...

Love this picture!  LOL

madcobug said...

Now that is downright cute. Helen

scotthlori said...

Nothing more beautiful than a girl with her (or grandma's *wink*) horse.  ;o)  Cute!

I got my pic up!


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astaryth said...

I LOVE that pic... especially Blue's tongue. We used to have a palimino that liked to stick his tongue out for you to grab. Yep, you read that right, he wanted you to grab it. It was a game for him. He would also hang his tongue out the side of his mouth and then,while still holding his head sideways, shake his head. He was a silly boy, but a real lover.

My pic??? Well, first I have to figure out which of the pictures I have I want to use (I think I have like a gazillion horse shots <LOL>) then I'll get it posted.

deslily said...

oh what a shock!  To think you would have a picture of a horse!! lol lol

cute shot.. maybe Blue is giving John the Rasberry!!

csandhollow said...

I love this shot!

lv2trnscrb said...

great picture; beautiful grand-daughter :)


toonguykc said...

It's like Blue is a boy her age saying "Girls??  ICK!!"


loisontheweb said...

   I haven't re-done my old Prodigy pages that finally disappeared with my PAGES of horses ... but, on my Journal ... MY LAST HORSE ... I put a photo of her at the end of  my lengthy journal entry last week ... have her saddle on display in my frontroom.

tc01hm said...

Great combo! Neat photo!

magran42 said...

Love this picture.  You have such good subjects though.

bookncoffee said...

Oh I love this pic of Natalie and Blue.