Friday, September 22, 2006

journals that make me think

Back before the big J-Land breakup, before so many bloggers left for new territory, one of the first journals I discovered was Un-common Sense, a somewhat political blog where Armand shared his opinions and insights. 

Armand moved to Blogspot, and I subscribed to his new journal.  Then he disappeared for a long time... a year, perhaps?... while he was in Iraq, I believe it was, doing Lord only knows what.

Well, he's back and blogging again.  You'll find him here.  I think perhaps many of his old readers lost him after the J-land walkout.

Don't forget Patrick's Place, either.  He's in the middle of a move and a job change at present, but he still has a journal, and he still is capable of making me think outside my little box.

As a Christian who can sometimes use a little prodding to get back on the right track, I watch for new entries over at the Peach Pages.  You go, girl.

Finally, there's the one journal that is able to make me think and laugh all at the same time.  Mrs. Linklater, nobody does it like you.

I don't participate in the Vivi's, although I have nothing against them.  But if I were giving out awards, these are the folks who would receive them.  Of course, then there's that little matter of figuring out what category each one goes into.  I hate having to put people in pigeon-holes.

Oh, and two of them wouldn't be eligible, because their journals aren't on AOL.

So, I'm watching the awards to see what happens.  With any luck, I'll find some interesting new blogs as a result of the awards.

I shall, however, abstain from categorizing or voting.


magran42 said...


ksquester said...

DittoX2   Anne

lanurseprn said...

I just went over to visit them.   You are right Donna.  Exceptional journals.

sugarsweet056 said...

I will visit them! TY!
Re the Vivis, as I've'd be impossible to give all the great journals an award...too many. Plus, it's the fun of reading journals & making friends, that should be award enough. I listed lots of journals in the awards & will visit lots to maybe make new friends. But as far as voting & winning...that's a different horse!
Hugs, Sugar

robinngabster said...

I used to read Armand and he would blow me away!  That is one smart man!

schoolgal040 said...

I do like Armand and he raise some really great points, bluntly...LOL The other journals you mentioned I liked very much also, thank you for the links :).

And Thank you also for your prayers and kind thought for Francic, my FIL. He is doing OK so far after surgery this AM.

The VIVIs I have come to agree with your opinion and others too. I will not be participating (I withdrew) but it is really great to meet so many new journals and I have. I guess when bad things happen and others act badly, good always comes out of it everytime.

PS: Do you know where Bland, MO is? That is where my inlaws live. He is in St. Mary's hospital in Jefferson City :)

lv2trnscrb said...

just wanted to say Tara over at the Peach Pages does a great great job of writing. Always insightful. Thanks for mentioning her.


hestiahomeschool said...

Are they having the Vivis again this year?  I was just checking my links and re-found your journal. :-)  During the mass exodus a lot of the journals I read went extinct, and since I don't do alerts, I really lost touch with a lot of good ones...

armandt said...

Shukran... as they say in Iraq.  It's an honor to be recognized... especially among Tara, Patrick, and Mrs. L.

Unfortunately, I don't get to say much about what I was doing in Iraq...  it's one of /those/ jobs.

Thanks again!

~ Armand (photo blog)

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Thank you for mentioning me...although you put me in some mighty fine company!  I really appreciate it though.  Anything to keep us on the narrow road...


jevanslink said...

This was a test, wasn't it?  To see how often I get over here.  Well, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -- here I am.  Wishing I could go riding with Cliff.  Sounds like good times.

Yeah -- ain't it great Armand is back.  He kind of snuck in through the back door.

Mrs. L