Sunday, September 3, 2006

lousy timing, all the way

Lately I've had a lot of things planned:  For instance, Harley days.  We went last year, and it was a major factor in Cliff's buying a motorcycle (even though he bought a Honda).  We've been planning to go this year, too.

It's a two-day event, Friday and Saturday; Friday is best, because there aren't as many people there.  Anyone with a motorcycle-driving license can ride the Harley of his choice, free.  You get to tour the Harley plant; there's a Harley Museum.  It's great fun.

Last year, we had made plans way ahead to go to the Harley thing on Friday.  At the last minute, we found out it was also Grandparents day at the local school.  I told my two granddaughters I was sorry, we'd made plans; but I promised them we'd be at grandparents day this year, no matter what.

I have some message board friends who ride a Harley, and I had planned for us to meet them this Saturday at Harley days (of course we were going to grandparents day Friday, because I try my best not to break promises to children).

A couple of weeks ago, I found out Cliff's mom's family was having a fish fry at Lake of the Ozarks, the Saturday after Labor Day.  I didn't check my calendar, I just knew it sounded like fun.  Of course, there's a tractor show at Booneville, Missouri, that day, that we've been hoping to attend:  it's the "Gathering of the Orange", which means Allis Chalmers tractors are featured this year. 

Cliff figures we'll stop by the tractor show for a quick walk-through, since it's on the way to the family fish-fry.

What I didn't realize was that this is also the day we were going to attend Harley days, and meet my message-board buddies.  Looks like we'll miss that event.

Somebody just SHOOT me!



ksquester said...

It's good to have too many choices.  And NO........I'm not shooting need to stay around here and keep us posted.  Anne

lanurseprn said...

WOW if my biggest problem at the moment was schedule conflicts with FUN events I'd be a happy camper!  I'm sure you'll have a ball with whatever you decide to do!  And whatever you do decide...I want to see pictures!! <smile>

msecz said...

Oh boy, isn't that just the way it goes.... I hope you have a wonderful time at both places and don't miss too much the others.... family is the most important isn't it.... Sandra

marainey1 said...

I hope you enjoy what ever you do - sometimes we just have to go with the most important !  'On Ya' - ma

csandhollow said...

it could be worse. Have fun

cgtperkins said...

My husband and I ride Harleys! I just bought my first Harley 3 weeks ago. Pictures are posted on my journal if you wanna take a look. Where does the Harley thing take place, that woiuld be really neat to go and do.