Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One more entry on the WC tractor

This is what the WC looked like the day we picked it up at Uncle Leo's farm (that's him in the picture).

This is the "donor tractor" that Cliff used for parts.  To be honest, there may be more of  this one in the finished product than of Uncle Leo's Allis, but his parts tractor was what started it all.

You see, this all came about when Cliff and I were into restored tractors in a big way, going to all the shows, reading all the magazines.  We atttended a family gathering at my uncle's place, and took a stroll to the barn.  Peeking in, we saw that old skeleton of a tractor inside, and I said, "Does it run?"

Uncle Leo gave it to us later, and Cliff indeed got the thing started in record time.  It wasn't running well, mind you... but it was running.

There's truly something magical about seeing something that old, something that has been given up for dead, come to life again.


monponsett said...

I knew you were gonna do that.

magran42 said...

It's so good that you have these pictures.  I just love this kind of thing and I am so jealous.  I keep praying that "someday" we'll be able to bring something back to life.

fmgruber said...

Go project go. Wish I had time and energy....
Second thought, wish I had the energy.