Monday, September 4, 2006

Great food!

We've never eaten a meal on the Old Threshers' grounds, but when we checked out the menus, the fare didn't look too bad... or too expensive.  The hardest part was choosing which Church's food we'd have:  Methodist Meat Loaf, Lutheran Tenderloin, and so forth.  I told Cliff I really would rather have a meal instead of a sandwich, and it looked like the Catholics had the biggest selection of meals.

Oh my, it was worth the price, at $6.50 apiece!  We sat across from a couple who said that was where they always chose to eat, they'd had dinner there for years.


lanurseprn said...

You're making me HUNGRY!!  Food looks great!

madcobug said...

The food looked good. Priceless expression on Cliff's face. Helen

siennastarr said...

It certainly looks good!  Especially those mashed potatoes and gravy!  Love that look on Cliff's face!  lol


exptmircle said...

I really have enjoyed your journal.  You have taken me on a vacation I would have otherwise not had.  I only lived in the country for one year in 2002-3 so there are so many things you take pictures of that remind me of the natural beauty of the "country life".   Thank you for sharing your life.

magran42 said...

Great picture of Cliff.  It says it all doesn't it?