Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Kevin is out of surgery

My son-in-law, Kevin, was supposed to go into surgery around 1 PM today.  It was closer to 3 when they actually took him in.  It went faster than I figured:  Rachel just called at 4:45 to tell me it's over, and the doctor said everything went well.  His mom and Rachel can see him in about twenty minutes.

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.  I'll let Rachel share the details when she's home.


madcobug said...

That is great news. I pray for him to have a speedy recovery. Helen

jawojnar said...

Great news...will continue the prayers for a speedy recovery!

ksquester said...

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow."..........Good news.   Anne

siennastarr said...

Thankful he is home and doing as well as can be expected after surgery!


csandhollow said...

Thank heavens.