Thursday, August 2, 2007

morning ride, and other things

When I saddled up before six this morning, Blue waited patiently for me to get the bucket I use as a mounting block in place.

This was my view of the sun coming up over the river bottoms.

May 10


For my Wordless Wednesday entry on Blogger yesterday, I used before and after flood pictures.  Here's one I didn't do.  What a difference three months makes, eh?

When I ride in the bottoms, I see soybeans to my right and to my left.  The world is just one big sea of bean plants there.

In normal years, it's a patchwork quilt of corn and soybeans; but this year the floodwaters didn't dry up in time for corn to be planted.  Soybeans don't take nearly as long to come to maturity.

And there you have it, another morning ride taken before the temperatures start climbing toward 95 degrees.


rollinghillsides said...

Ahhh, another wonderful early morning ride with your faithful companion Blue .... precious!   Judy

madcobug said...

Great pics. It's supposed to reach that temp  here today. I will be staying inside. My son works outside and I hate it for him. Helen

ktkamanski said...

What a pleasent way to start your day! Thank you for sharing! I hope the rest of you day is just a nice! Take care,

marainey1 said...

Thank you once more for the lovely ride in the morning !  It is climbing up to 95 here today too.  It's way to hot and they are warning of utility problems.  Great demand on our area with all the a/c running.  Hope it doesn't go out here at work.
Take care and keep cool.  'On Ya' - ma

geocachelinda66 said...

yes, from the look of that sun, its going to be hot!  Linda

lanurseprn said...

Blue is so good.
What a difference in those pictures. It's amazing! And it's only been a few months! I went for a walk the other morning hoping to see a sunrise like yours. But, it was too hazy, and I couldn't see a nice sunrise. Glad you enjoyed your day.

luvmort said...

I'm telling ya, this sun thing, that ball of flame in the sky, is really getting on my nerves.  I don't go anywhere until at least five or six at night.  It's just too much.  

deveil said...

I'm really loving these morning rides, what a beautiful idea.   Thanks for taking us on your rides with you!   I'm enjoying this!


nay0114 said...

Those flood pictures and now were something else. Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your morning ride.
Take care, Chrissie