Friday, August 24, 2007

ah HA!!!!

That's the technician from Embarq (otherwise known as the telephone repair man).

He found faulty phone wires in three places, starting with the box on the house and going as far as across the road.  Wires were crossed, and I have been getting my signal from somebody else's phone wire. 

That, apparently, was my problem. 

So far, so good.

I knew it wasn't the phone filters!

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luvmort said...

I thought maybe, with your "preoccupation" about your neighbors that you have proof that they are spying on you and taking pictures of you walking naked around the farm!  LOL!

fmgruber said...

Humph! You went and sold your motor. Now I’m not sure I even want to stand over my bicycle pump doing my pre-ride pumping it up calisthenics before prying my limb over the black hemorrhoid busting seat. Humph!  
However did you manage to get your wires crossed? When we first moved here I fought with the telephone company over our phone service for years. Didn’t matter who I wanted to call, everybody was long distance. The when special deals were offered I paid extra so I could talk across the street and beyond the corner. Then every little while these services were cut of for something else, like phone company obeying congressional law I should be able to talk with anyone I wished with in five miles. Then it was getting the extra charges rescinded?
Good day

amy122389 said...

Same thing with mine!  The cable tech replaced the cable from my house to God knows where...(halfway down the street, I think)  They come out on Tuesday to bury the new line.


ktkamanski said...

Glad they figured it out - Now your all new! Hope your enjoying your day with hopes of doing the same for your weekend! Take care,

csandhollow said...

LOL @ Mort

randlprysock said...

Look at the nice green grass and great trees where you are!!  So beautiful!!  Is that the technician out there working on the internet connection?  Cool... hope it all works out.  Hugs,