Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lisa received her prize today!

Lisa has already uploaded a couple of videos of her pets.  Her journal is private, but you might email her and ask to be added to her list of readers so you can see what a good job that camcorder does.  Her email is

Lisa, if you don't want to add strangers to your list of readers, just ignore any requests, OK?


randlprysock said...

Thank you Mosie!!  I do love to get new readers for my journal!!!  And I love this camera!!  It is so easy to use!!  I told my husband and he was really happy about it because we haven't ever had a video camcorder except the big old clunky old fashioned one from grandma that you have to plug in... and you have to put the movies on a vhs tape which no one uses anymore.... LOL.  the battery pack died and we can't buy a new one as it is outdated.  You can't film outside with it at all- LOL... so this new one is just heavenly!!! Small enough to take anywhere we go!!!  I just took film of the kiddos coming home from the bus today!!!  This will be fun to have these memories!!  Thanks so much!!  I'm really enjoying it.
Lisa : )      

randlprysock said...

PS I do have another public journal you can send people to also and the link is
Sometimes I do write in it but not as often as my daily private journal.

luvmort said...


therealslimemmy said...

I found your link through lisa actually
I love her videos!!!  so i guess i should thank you too for her camcorder, lol