Friday, August 17, 2007

I promise you'll love this blog!

I search the Internet for interesting blogs and journals often.  I've seen lots of people put their hearts out there in full view of the world.  There are some great writers to be found.

I've plugged Pioneer Woman plenty of times.  She has about 4,000 readers now, so she doesn't need my help.  Although I still think anybody would enjoy her blog.

But for pulling on the old mommy-heartstrings, the number-one on-line writer is Antique Mommy.   Yes, she's  better than PW!  She is Pdub without all the fluff and professional-type photos.

She never intended to have children.

But she surely knows how to enjoy the one little boy she has, born to her at the age of forty-four.

If you're a mom, go check her out.  And take tissues along.  Because while you're laughing, you'll shed a few tears.

You WILL relate.


fowfies said...

Its funny you should mention Pioneer Woman! I was going through my favorites list and had saved her site from where you had mentioned her before. I got into reading her yesterday and read the "Calf Nuts" entry...I was laughing so hard...good thing I wasnt eating lunch while I was reading...I just love her! I will go check out this new one you mentioned. You can really pick some good ones!

lmitc89854 said...

I have been reading both, for some time now, both I think as recommendations from you. Have even cooked some of PW's recipes, the last one the Pasta Primavera

randlprysock said...

Thanks for the tips.  I am always looking for new journals to read also.  Hugs,

luvmort said...

I'll have to check them out!