Sunday, August 19, 2007

More about yesterday


Cliff's sister Charlene and her husband Pat have moved across the state as a result of his new job.  We sorely miss them.  They still have their farm fifteen miles from here, and plan to be back once or twice a month.  But they'll soon be taking their Harley to St. Louis, as soon as everything is finalized on the house they're buying there.  They have been our companions on so many rides, we hardly know what we'll do without them.  But yesterday we took the opportunity to ride together, and it was nice to see them there, sometimes ahead of us, other times in the rear-view mirror.

We went to Cliff's nephew's, and were greeted by his big old, friendly dogs.  Obviously the tires on our Honda smelled enticing.

While Charlene and I played with the new baby inside, the men spent time discussing and examining Scotty's zero-turn lawn mower.

Having never used this type mower, Cliff decided to try it out.  There was a convenient patch of un-mowed grass out front.

Pat had never tried one of these either, so he was next.  As he drove off, Scotty said, "I have four more acres in back that needs mowing."

Cliff's brother, Don, has one of these babies at home, but his wife won't let him on it.  So he had to take a turn, too.

I guess there's just something about mowers that raises a man's  testosterone level. 

As evidenced by this very brief video of Cliff:


marainey1 said...

I can't imagine mowing that much lawn.  It seems that someone would be mowing everyday of the week trying to keep up with it all.  My little yard takes about 20 minutes to mow, and that's walking the mower not riding .  'On Ya' - ma

geocachelinda66 said...

Men are just big boys!  Linda

madcobug said...

Uh Oh, Now Cliff will be hunting more scrap iron than ever to sell. He will just have to have one of those mowers. The man that owned the campground where we used to have our camper had one of those. He loved to act like he was going to run someone down and the whirl on a dime and go the other way just grinning. Helen

fowfies said...

Ian doesnt get on 'our' mower I love to mow, it is relaxing to me. I love those zero turn ones, now they got some that look like regular riding mowers, but they are zero turn also.  So I guess he got most of his grass mowed when y'all came to visit huh? ;) Really nice mower he has there.

randlprysock said...

Oh he looks like he is having a blast on the mower and it reminds me of our old Dixie chopper.  Gosh I miss it.  Rob taught little old me, who was a secretary and job placement consultant most of her life, to drive it and steer it.  I found it great for getting a tan.  Oh and it cuts the yard nice too.  LOL.  I know you are gonna miss your friends. Hugs,

ktkamanski said...

Somebody's having too much fun ~ Hope your enjoying your day with hope for a wonderful week ahead! Take care,

deshelestraci said...

How funny!

lanurseprn said...

I just figured out what Cliff will buy now that the motorcycle is sold!! LOL!

luvmort said...

You people and your mowers/tractors need to seek professional help!  LOL!

mutualaide said...

I want one of those mowers ... Cliff looked like he was having a blast!