Sunday, August 19, 2007

About selling the motorcycle

Cliff put our Honda on Kansas City Craigslist, July 6.  He told me to price it at $9,000.  At first I protested, until I realized he had it priced so high that nobody would buy it anyhow.  We've had it almost two years, and we only paid $8,500.  We've put 10,000 miles on the thing.  So I figured it wasn't going anywhere.

We never received a single call on our Craigslist ad... until yesterday.  After five weeks, finally somebody inquired about the Gold Wing for sale.  He asked Cliff, "What's the least money you'll take?"

Cliff told him $8,000.

The man and his wife came looking today, and will be back tomorrow or Tuesday with the cash.

Now there is a "rest of the story".

Cliff is mulling things over.  He does have that nagging worry that we could be maimed riding a motorcycle, either or both of us. 

However, his cousin in Versailles has a white Gold Wing Special Edition that's two years newer than ours.  For not much more than $8,000.

So he can still change his mind if he decides he simply has to have a motorcycle.

Me, I'm keeping my mouth shut about the subject, because he doesn't need any pressure from me.

Mostly, I'll just miss the picnics and trips away from home.

But I still have Blue.


madcobug said...

Along with Blue you have Sadie, Secret and Libby plus Cliff all on the same homestead. Plus your grandson there with you. You do have a lot to be thankful for. Helen

magran42 said...

Smart woman.  I keep my mouth shut a lot of the time.

marainey1 said...

I just read both entries at the same time, I can say you were certainly in the right place at the right time, thankfully the lightning hit out there not where you all were.
My sister recently had much the same thing happen, but the wiring to the garage also connected to a couple of things in the house which got fried like the fuse box too.  One being the hard drive on the computer and the other was her stove hood fan.  It no longer turns of or on.  I hope the Honda goes to a good home that is as careful about their travels and you all were.  I have never been on one and never wanted to be either so I won't cry that it will soon be gone.  'On Ya' - ma

geocachelinda66 said...

It will be hard to give up the motorcycle...  Linda

swank75 said...

Donna, the nagging in the back of his head will last a long time. We're over three years without our bike and I still miss it. 3 weeks ago we buried a close friend who dodged a deer and lost the fight with a tree. We still miss it.
If the opportunity presented itself for us to get another bike I wouldn't refuse it, I also don't go looking like I used to.
Thanks for letting him work through this without pressure, knowing what he's going through, I can appreciate your standpoint, my Donna still drops a hint now and then, but never puts enough pressure on me to make it uncomfortable.
Sorry for your dilemma. BTDT

deshelestraci said...

Goodness.  I know it will be a life changer.

bnanajm said...

Talk about lightening striking twice!!!!  OMG - I honestly don't know what to say.

::Pass the Kleenex ::

I know it will work out the way it's supposed to.


fowfies said...

There is always another one waiting out there to buy if he changes his mind later. Who knows, you may find one you like better. I bet he misses it, and y'all end up with another eventually.

loisontheweb said...

   Just pray about it.  Sometimes, when we get an unusual idea, and ignore that idea ... it was really  a message we shouldn't have ignored. How many times did you say later: "Why didn't I listen to my self?" or "I knew better", or "I knew I shoulda." You've both been feeling so strongly about selling the Honda ... and DID sell it ... now, you have to decide if you should get back into biking?

lanurseprn said... have a lot of other things to keep you busy.  I hope he feels ok about it.

ksquester said...

Sorry about that Donna.........if the deal falls apart then I know WHO will be happy. If you decide to take a day trip to my part of town give me a "holler" and we'll have a good time.   Anne

randlprysock said...

AWESOME!!!  Wonder if I could sell something for a quick $8 k... hmmmm, now ya got me thinkin'....