Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ah, the dog days of summer

My wireless router failed yet again.  I'm sure my daughter is right, it's the heat making it lock up.  I Googled around a bit and found it's a pretty common phenomenon.  In the process, I read something else that, quite honestly, I already knew... but had tried not to think about.

A quote from an online article

During this time, I also started noticing that I was having an exceptionally high number of hard drive failures. I knew that the heat was wrecking havoc on my computers and that it made for a miserable work environment, but I really didn’t know what to do about it. My solution at that time was to leave all non essential machines shut down when I wasn’t using them. This meant that I left a domain controller, a DNS server, and my Exchange Server running all the time. Everything else remained turned off except for when I was actually using it.

During those times when I did have to use all of my machines, the temperature would sometimes rise to over 120 degrees during the hottest part of summer. Although I did everything that I could to help preserve my equipment, I did lose two or three computers to the heat. The ironic part is that when a computer would die, I would replace it with something newer, and we all know that newer and faster processors produce more heat."

Heat kills computers.

My computer, here in the kitchen, has to put up with temperatures around ninety degrees when the outside temp is 100, which it has been most every day lately.

I have always suspected that this is the reason computers only last for two years around here.

I am going to stop using the router altogether while the weather is so hot, although this is really the time I'd  most like to have it.  The bedroom is air conditioned, and it sure is nice to go in there with my laptop and surf the 'net. 

I am also going to start turning off my computer in the afternoon and evenings until cooler weather returns.  Perhaps that will keep it plugging along for another winter; or maybe not.  I'm sure it can't hurt.

So I may not do as many entries.  I may not get around to reading everybody's journals and blogs.  It's all in the interest of my computer. 

Eventually autumn will be here and I'll be back on all the time, like any true Internet addict.

Then I'll only have to worry about dog hair and dust killing the computer. 

Which reminds me of one other thing I absolutely must do:  buy an external hard drive on which to save my pictures and documents, so I'll be prepared for the worst.


robinngabster said...

My sister in law told me there is a cool pad thing you can get for laptops to set them on when you use them so they don't over heat.

madcobug said...

The commenter before me is right, you can get a pad to go under the laptop that has fans in it . I got one but it lasted no time. I still use it to keep it cooler than just sitting on your hot legs LOL or a soft surface. Helen

luvmort said...

When our POS kept going down, we now keep the air on in the offices all the time.  

cgtperkins said...

I have never heard of this problem due to the heat. I think I will back up my computer as well JIC!!!!

therealstephhull said...

Hmmmm, could this possibly explain the problems I am having with my modem? Me thinks so. Maybe I will have to start shutting it all down when not in use instead of leaving it on all the time 24/7. Thanks for posting this!

geocachelinda66 said...

I didnt' know that, but I don't have a wireless router either.  Linda

lanurseprn said...

I knew that heat is bad for the computer. I try to keep it cool in here. I hope yours lasts for awhile.

marainey1 said...

If I were you I'd move that computer in the bedroom that has a/c.  They are heat sensitive and so are you.  I'd take advantage of the one cool room you have .  'On Ya' - ma

fierrorachel said...

This comment is for someone who commented earlier, although they may not see it:  Therealstephhull, it doesn't have to be a wireless router.  We had a regular router that did the same thing.  They overheat quite often.  Keep it cool, whether wireless or not.

tendernoggle said...

why not put the computer in the bedroom?
love ya,

deshelestraci said...

Bless you!  I would melt at your house!

lmitc89854 said...

Just a few more weeks and last will be good!

astaryth said...

Sometimes just keeping a fan blowing in the area helps keep the computer/router/whatever a little cooler... in some cases it is just enough to keep the silly things from overheating! Just a thought, but can you put the router in the cooler bedroom, or does it have to be hooked to your desktop?