Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grandson got a new phone

The resident grandson went on a trip to the Ozarks a few weeks ago (bachelor party, not his, thank God) and lost his phone in a parking lot.  He finally found it, but it had been run over a few times.

So today he received his new phone.  It has an MP3 player and all.

He couldn't figure it out.  Neither could I.

I finally persuaded him to drive over to my daughter's.  She's the local family tech wizard.

At least she helped him retrieve all his numbers from the old phone.  And she's going to help him figure out the MP3 stuff this weekend.  (New territory for her, but she loves a challenge.)

What's the big deal with  young folks and their cell phones?

(Have I mentioned that I enjoy having my grandson here, beeping phone and all?) 


ggjack7 said...

Good looking grandson. I don't know nutten about cell phones. LOL gg/Jackie

fowfies said...

Tiffany has a cell phone...Shelbys friend. So of course Shelby wants one...but she doesnt really need one! She is here, with me, all day, even for school! Tiffany is a latchkey kid as they she should have one, I guess. I don't know what it is, a status symbol or Hope y'all figure out the phone...these phones do everything now dont they?

madcobug said...

I know how to change the sim card in a phone so you don't loose your numbers when something happens to one but that is about as far as my knowlege goes. We don't have a picture phone or music phone so that make things easier LOL. Helen

plieck30 said...

Boy we wouldn't have dreamed of such thing when we were young, would we? Nice you have your grandson around. Paula

siennastarr said...

I don't know how we survived without our cell phones.  Even I can't live with out mine! lol  I've gotten rid of my landline, because it's just too expensive to have both, and besides.... who needs it.

Glad you're enjoying your grandson! :)


mutualaide said...

Forgot to say that I think it's nice you have your grandon with you and that you enjoy what 'he comes with'.  

mutualaide said...

I lost mine yesterday and simply shrugged my shoulders and kind of said, "Oh well, it'll turn up."  But of the four of us I am the only one who can do that.  The other three start tearin' up the place looking.  Cracks me up.  It's a phone. We have another.  (besides, they can just call phone)

hestiahomeschool said...

My girls are crippled without their cellphones. Tabby and Mandy get almost hysterical without them.

bookncoffee said...

My daughter is a texting fool on hers.  Hardly ever on the home phone anymore.