Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Because of Winn-Dixie

I watched "Because Of Winn-Dixie" this afternoon with my grandchildren.  This movie didn't get good reviews, but the girls and I loved it.  At one point, before the little girl (Opal) figured out that the mother who abandoned her was an alcoholic (heavy stuff for kids to be watching), she asked her dad to tell her ten things about the mom she never really knew.

I asked myself if I could tell ten things about any significant people in my life; it isn't as easy as you might think.  I can do Cliff with no problem, but others?  I don't  know.  Just ten things.  And if I did, could I keep the ten things positive?

Consider it.


ksquester said...

It is harder than you think.....especially when I think of my parents.   Anne

mutualaide said...

Gotta give this one a try!  I too enjoyed and loved the movie.