Monday, April 17, 2006

answers to your questions

Several questions were asked in the comment section of the previous entry, so I'll try to address them all.

1.  The cut starts about two inches below my left knee, and is less than two inches long.

2.  Pain did not keep me awake last night at all; Cliff said he came to bed about ten minutes after I'd gone, and I was already zonked.  I slept through until 4:30 this morning.  I took nothing for pain, because I didn't feel the pain was that severe.  I usually take aspirin for pain, but I knew it would cause more bleeding.  Dr. G isn't really fond of Tylenol, although I'd take it if I needed to; he says it's hard on the liver.

3.  Yes, they "froze" the area around the wound, so I felt nothing when the stitches were being done.

4.  I'm limping a little today, and the nurse-practicioner suggested I skip taking my walks today and tomorrow, and take it easy; I've had lots worse pain than this, though.

5.  Antibiotics were prescribed and I'm taking them for five days unless some problem arises... in which case I'll go ahead and take them another five days.

6.  Anne, of course my shoes were white in the pictures.  I wear my GOOD sneakers to the doctor's office.  Besides, the left shoe of my old pair has blood on it.

Dr. G quizzed me about whether I'd had any numbness or strange sensations in my ankle and foot (I haven't); it seems there's a nerve that runs down the leg in the injured area that could have been damaged.


msecz said...

Thanks for the answers... I'm glad the ankle nerve wasn't damaged.

inquestoftruth said...

Miss Mosie...are you EVER without that camera??  lol

bnanajm said...


I can't leave you alone for one week and you go and bust the fence.

I guess I've got to come back.

I'm glad you're OK.


madcobug said...

Thats great that the pain didn't keep you awake. I did notice the white shoes and how clean they were. Thank goodness the nerve wasn't damaged. Hope the antibotics does the trick and that five will do. Helen

jctopaz55 said...

Wow Mosie !! I am so sorry you hurt your knee. That was sure a nasty cut. Hope it heals for you quickly. I was impressed that your Doctor let you take all those pics !! What a guy !!  I am praying for you . You take care and rest that leg as much as you can.


am4039 said...

I hope the ankle get's better.

tendernoggle said...

lol.........well you just answered all my questions!
love ya,

ora4uk said...

sheesh have quite a pain "threshold" as they call it....I have no pain threshold at all....and got no class either what does that me me....LOL...??? a real pain in the ...well...let's just say it rhymes with mass.....LOLOLOLOL...take care kid...Hugs...Ora

mastersblynn said...

What some people wont't do for  attention...jk glad you are okay!  Sending a big hug Barbara

bookncoffee said...

Oh I'm sorry you had a fight with that cattle "thang".  Anyway, I'm laughing my head off about your pics of the doc and nurse.  I am sure he was inquisitive about that.  LOL.  Glad you are ok and under a docs care.  I know what you mean about waiting to see the doc.  Now days, besides the big copay there is usually a BIG wait, too.  

deslily said...

good to hear you aren't in alot of pain from it!!  I hope it heals without problems quickly so you can take your walks again soon..