Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Where my husband is from

I did this as though it were my husband doing it.  It has his approval now and corrections have been made.  So these are, indeed, his thoughts and memories.

I am from rusty cast metal and the smell of old motor oil.  I'm from Ford pickups and duct tape and fences built right.

I am from a deteriorating old two-story house with a new 38X40  foot shed out back where the workbench always holds at least one project.  I’m from the heart of rolling farm country where the summer months are marked by how tall the corn is at the time.

I am from the fresh-plowed ground.  I’m from alfalfa in late bud ready to mow, as I scan the sky for rainclouds.

I am from holding a grudge, and cursing those idiots on the freeway who don't know how to drive.  I'm from hard drinking, hard-loving hillbillies, from Luther and George, from Silvey and Bradshaw.

I am from "Wood fits" and worrying, and feeling guilty if I’m not working, and feeling responsible for things over which I have no control.  I’m from being able to fix almost anything with baling wire and pliers because we couldn’t afford to do it any other way.  I’m from knowing what’s wrong with an engine just by listening to it.

I’m from being knocked clear across the room by my dad when my brother and I tried to protect Mom from him.  I’m from the story Dad told, laughing, of me, aged two-and-a-half and my brother, aged one, sitting in the floor eating chocolate cherries.  When I started crying about something, Donald saw the cherry in my mouth, picked it out, and ate it.  Then I cried even harder.

I’m from two years of Boy Scouts and a brief spell of Pentecostalism during which I got baptized.  Then the married preacher ran off with the married pianist and our family quit going to Church for a long time.  I’m from wondering why the preacher has a better house and car than most of the people in his congregation and why he is always begging for money, and doubting that he really does much in the way of work, beyond creating a couple of sermons each week.

I’m from central Missouri, where the Ozarks begin; born at home, my mother’s second child and my father’s first.  I’m from cinnamon flat, and potato soup and cornbread, and sweet iced tea.

I’m from the story about my single mom being pregnant at age 16 and having morning sickness, and her sister figured it out and told their mother.  Granny told my Mom, as she was vomiting, “that baby didn’t git in you thataway, and you ain’t a-gonna git it out thataway.”  I’m from a boy who was messing with the mules when he wasn’t supposed to and got kicked and was afraid to tell because he’d get a thrashing.  So he just went to bed with the pain for a couple of days, and when his parents realized he had a broken back, it was too late to do anything about it.  So my dad was hunchbacked all his life.  

I’m from my childhood school pictures stuffed in a Bible so that when our house burned, those were the only photos we saved.  I’m from keepsakes shoved in a room upstairs by my wife, and a Buck pocketknife forced on me years ago by a friend when he was drunk that I’ve never used because I prefer a cheaper kind; but I keep it anyhow.  I’m from being surprised when I get something I really want because I grew up thinking dreams never come true.

But they do.


hewasolddog299 said...

Donna, you did a good job. I wonder though, what would Cliff change? What would he add, remove, emphasize? One's self-perception and the way we present it to the world is subtly different than the way our wife views us...


mosie1944 said...

OldDawg, we'll find out in the morining when Cliff reads it.  I might even have to delete it.

madcobug said...

You did good. Cliff might just have you to delete especially when he reads that about the cherries LOL. At least we know where he came from if he does. Helen

naturegirlfromny said...

Interesting life Cliff has seemed to have so far!  Linda

chat2missie said...

Nice to learn some things about Cliff.

amy122389 said...

What's cinnamon flat?!


ksquester said...

Knowing how long you and Cliff have been married........I know you know him sometimes better than he knows himself. This entry is just outstanding Mo!  Anne

plieck30 said...

This is sooo good. Let us know what Cliff says about it. Paula

am4039 said...

wow that is wonderful, I hope Cliff likes it I sure did.

nerves05 said...

Again beautifully writen.
I enjoyed this one to. As always.
Take care  :-)

creelmd said...

Donna, you are so good. Really, really good. You honestly ought to think about writing a book... a prose one... because you had me welling up with tears of nostalgia for things I never even experienced. Wow.

siennastarr said...

I like Cliff..

That entry got me teary..


sunnyside46 said...

i love that entry. I can really get a feel of who Cliff is.

helmswondermom said...

I really liked that.  Several parts of that remind me of my parents.

ora4uk said...

It's sure is great...when other folks tell it like it is and/or was...so that we who have had the same life....are not afraid to share...because we know we are not alone...thanks Cliff...and God Bless You....Hugs Ora of KY

krobbie67 said...

This is neat. It says a lot about the compassion and love you have for your husband, besides what it says about him. :-) ---Robbie