Thursday, April 13, 2006

funny how friends can make a difference

Last weekend, my friend Joanna was here.  She and I got acquainted in a Christian chat room years ago, and met face-to-face at a Dallas Chat room reunion six or seven years back.

I was telling her about how Cliff gets severe heartburn every time we walk up the steep hills in our pasture, although he's never had a problem with heartburn in his life, before now.  She told me about her brother-in-law having the same problem, and it turned out he had a heart problem, not a heartburn problem.

So today Cliff saw the doctor (we rode the motorcycle, by the way).  He was given some samples of acid controlling meds, but he also has orders not to walk on the hills that cause his problems until he's taken a stress test, which is yet to be scheduled.  I'll keep you updated on that situation. 

Joanna, thanks for the heads-up.  I do listen to my friends' advice once in awhile.

Another thing for which Joanna is responsible is that I find myself watching CSI shows now.  I watch very little TV, but I seem to be hooked on these shows.  Good grief, are they on every day?  ACK!!!!

Then there's the stuffed squeaky toy Jo brought for Sadie:  I am forced to toss that thing at least two dozen times a day.

Oh, and keep your eye on the journal for pictures of me and Cliff in the Honda Gold Wing shirts Joanna brought us.  I had lost mine temporarily, but the lost is found.

Isn't it funny how a two-day visit from a friend can shake up your life?


tc01hm said...

Yes, but thank the Lord for them!

tendernoggle said...

I did not want to scare you but Danny had heartburn for about a month before he died. Joanna is right, it is a sign of heart trouble..soemtimes severe heart trouble.

madcobug said...

Some good advice you were given. I have been to the hospital several times with chest pains with the acid reflux thing and had stress test run on account of it. Even a DR can't be sure unless they run those test. Better safe than sorry. Good luck to him. Helen

marainey1 said...

It never hurts to have things checked out. I'll be praying for good results on that stress test.  There is nothing like a good friend !  'On Ya' - ma

myheartsaysso2 said...

Oh dear.. I hope that the stress test will be all right.. my prayers to you.. Also if there is no heart problem.. it could also very well be.. a hiatal hernia.. that gets aggravated when he is walking a certain way.. That can cause pressure and cause heartburn and.. can also cause shortness of breath. just something to think about if everything seems ok with the stress test.. :) Mel

siennastarr said...

Friends are wonderful.. and I'm so glad that you and Joanna had such a lovely time together..

Good idea that Cliff have that stress test.. just to be sure!


artloner said...

Oh, I can just see you sufferin', throwing that toy for Sadie.  LOLL  Glad to hear you had a good time.  :)


toonguykc said...

I swear by Nexium (the little purple pill) and would even do commercials for it if they asked me.   It has some side effects -- but I can deal with those better than I can deal with heartburn.  Just adding my 2 cents.


bnanajm said...

I'm glad Cliff is having the stress test.  The least that will happen is that the doc will say there's nothing to worry about.  That's my prayer for him.  When does he take the stress test?

I got hooked on CSI in one show too, so see - we are alike.

And a 2 day visit is a two-way street.  I'm hooked on those desserts you served.  I'm taking the Dump Cake as my contribution to Easter dinner with another friend.

I am so glad I visited you.

bookncoffee said...

Hope all goes well with the stress test.  Glad you had a nice friend to visit....

mutualaide said...

Thanks goodness for 'shake ups' from good friends now and again!   Thinking of Cliff and praying for the best.

chat2missie said...

I never thought of heart problems when you mentioned the heartburn before.  Thank goodness your friend did!!  I do hope everything turns out health wise for Cliff.  Friends like Joanna only come around once in a lifetime.  Your lucky!

csandhollow said...

I must apologize. I worked in the heart and lung field and completely forgot about that symptom!
CSI has 3 shows, Maimi, NYC and Las Vegas. I admit I am hooked on the also.

sugarsweet056 said...

Hope all goes well with Cliff. When you mentioned heartburn before, I thought you meant heart burn, never thought of it as something else. Glad he's getting it checked out. That's one of the tests I just had done.
Keeping you all in my prayers dear.
Wanted to hop by to say "HAPPY EASTER".

deslily said...

It's good Cliff is going for a stress test!!.. better safe then sorry any day!

Ohhh heh.. i watch CSI.. the Original one and the Miami one.. i do like Gary Sinese alot but maybe because its so "city" that i am not hooked on that one lol.. the original is still the best one!

ahhh a dog and her squeeky toy!!  have fun lol...

am4039 said...

good things for friends. Hopefully Cliff is ok.