Wednesday, May 11, 2005

a visit to my cabin

When Cliff left for work at 2:30, it had been muggy all day... sticky-hot.  But there was thunder in the distance, and a darkening sky.  Although it appeared to be moving north of me, I decided to take the dog and the camera, and head to my cabin for awhile, hoping to see what it's like back there in a thunderstorm.  Cliff had dropped off a small pile of nicely aged firewood for future campfires, so I neatly stacked that.  It's really too dry for a campfire, until we get some rain.  But I like to be prepared.  I got a Wal Mart bag and gathered up dry sticks to use for kindling, and put them on a shelf in the cabin... in the event it's wet when I want a fire.  I also put a couple of the sticks of the firewood inside. 

Mandy spends a lot of time just gazing intently into the woods, as though she senses something there.  As I sat with her on the porch, I looked up to see our five resident turkey vultures.  They were flying low enough to get Mandy's attention.  Vultures are hideous things close-up, but the way they soar and float in the sky above you is a work of art.  One of them paused in mid-air for several seconds, magically floating on a current.

I spent an hour or so at the cabin before the walk home, which takes under fifteen minutes (of course I walk slowly).  Every time I visit there, whether to spend the night (as I did last night), or just to escape for an hour or two, I have the most unbelievable feeling of peace.  Old hymns come to mind that I hadn't thought of for years, and I sing them to myself.  There's no computer, no television, and no neighborhood kids making noises outside the window to distract me.  I get in touch with my soul again and realize how much we miss, being so civilized. 

Oh, I didn't get my storm while I was there.  Sprinkles.  That was it.  As I write this, it looks a bit more promising.  But I think I'll stay here.


ksquester said...

Well, I am still without air conditioning........and I miss it! I am glad you have your "home away from home."  Anne

csandhollow said...

I agree with you on the vultures. We have several that live here and I do enjoy seeing them float on the air.

bookncoffee said...

Enjoyed the afternoon adventure....especially awaiting news of "the storm" in the distance.  I see the storms are raging this afternoon in a good many states.

toonguykc said...

That sounds like a perfect sanctuary!  You're one lucky lady! -- but you knew that already.   Russ

bnanajm said...

Reading of your adventures and seeing your wonderful pics, sometimes I feel that I am 'there'

Keep it up, I love your journal.


whitedove3622 said...

A lovely place with a water view. What more could one ask for? Mandy has no idea how lucky she is. You sure know how to enjoy Gods good earth. What a blessing.