Thursday, May 19, 2005

Horses and tractors

That's Arick on old Crook, last Saturday.  He rode him again last night.  Arick is very much a novice rider, and really needs a knowledgeable horse person to accompany him when he rides.  Hopefully, between my daughter and I, we can arrange this in the future.

My husband always tells me how dangerous horses are, but he neglects to mention that many people are hurt or killed on tractors each year.  Last night when Arick and his friend came to ride, they said a tractor had overturned just down the hill, and was pretty bent up.  So today I rode that way as I began my two-hour ride, and saw the damage.  It belongs to John, a farmer down the road.  I certainly hope he wasn't hurt.  

It's HOT today, and Blue was soaked with sweat by the time our ride was over.  Cliff hosed him off with the water hose, to cool him off and get rid of all the salty sweat before I put him up.  So, what did he do as soon as he finished his can of grain?  He rolled in the dirt until he was as filthy as any pig! 


bnanajm said...

Mosie, you know boys will be boys..... ROFL

At least you have a little bit of spring/summer.  It's very chilly here and rainy today.  Wish I was there so I could think about riding the horses.  


fierrorachel said...

Yeah, we need to ride with him quite  a lot.  This weekend, I'm gone to a wedding, the next weekend, we're moving.  After that, I'll be so close, I can ride several times a week!  I can't wait.

ryanagi said...

I think Crook is a handsome old fella. Has someone been out to look at his hooves yet?

fisherkristina said...

Old Crock is absolutely gorgeous!  Your grandson looks like a nice boy too! -Krissy