Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Blue has bucked with one person, since I've had him.  Or, I should say, had bucked once.  I didn't get to see it, but Cliff and our son saw him toss my daughter-in-law, almost a year ago.  If a horse is ever going to buck, he'll tend to do it when he's running or cantering; and that's when he bucked with Debbie.

Anna was riding Blue tonight, and I was on old Crook.  Anna loves to let Blue canter up hills, and I've let her do it... but tonight, he bucked.  Not big bucking like he did with Deb last summer, but it scared me to death to see that little wisp of a girl in danger.  She handled it well... got her right foot out of the stirrup, lifted her leg over so that she was hanging onto one side of the horse ready to jump off, holding onto the saddle horn.  Then he stopped, and she got right back in the saddle. 

I'm sure she was terrified.  In fact, I asked her if she was scared.  "Yes," she answered with a nervous giggle.

"Well, we can't let him think he got the best of you, so we need to ride around awhile longer."

We rode another fifteen minutes or so, then put the horses up. 

"Do you think you'll still want to ride him?"  I asked.

"Oh yes!"

What a cowgirl.

Now, Cliff is going to tell me I'm nuts, because of course, we are liable if my horse hurts Anna.  Not to mention it would break my heart if she was injured.  But if she keeps him down to a normal pace, he won't buck again.  She learned a valuable lesson today:  You never know what a horse is going to do.  Their thought process isn't like ours.  They don't do things "for spite", but if they're tired enough, or uncomfortable enough, they may find a way to let you know.  I think perhaps the cause of his escapade tonight was that Mandy came running up behind him, and he didn't know what the movement was.  The other theory is that I had been having Anna ride him repeatedly back and forth in the same place, trying to get a point across to old Crook, who balks at that spot all the time... and Blue had enough of going back-and-forth.  The guardian angels around here are working overtime lately. 

Which reminds me, I finally feel 100% myself again, after my Mother's Day incident with Rachel's horse.  I began to think I'd never recover.

"A thousand shall fall at thy side, ten thousand at thy right hand.  But it shall not come nigh thee."  Psalm 91:7


skisseberth said...

Amen, Sis !  HE does look out for us !

ksquester said...

Whew is right....glad you are back to 100%   Anne

sanforized6 said...

That "horseing around" is gonna get you in trouble. Please be careful. rich

marainey1 said...

I'm glad you feeling 100% again !  I don't know how you do it !  As I still have access to aol , I couldn't resist popping in to say hello !  'On Ya'  - ma

csandhollow said...

Pat is having a bit of trouble with Crystal bucking. Ususally when she is not getting her way. Glad Anna is okay and very glad you are too!

fierrorachel said...

Go Anna!  Woooo Hoooo!  What a rider.  She's got it figured out!

tendernoggle said...

My sister-in-law has horses and after someone got hurt on one, she printed out a small form for people to sign before they rode., and she put a sign up .
Glad to know that you are feeling better now!

lowis6535 said...

  From your photo, I see that you don't use a second cinch?  That could cause a buck if too tight.  
  Less grain would be good ... lunging before riding ... TOO MUCH ENERGY .... just "kicking up his heels" ...
  If if becomes a serious problem or as an occasional safeguard ... make a strap that fastens to the saddle horn, up thru a loop on the bridle between the ears, down the forehead, then forked to fasten to each side of the bit ...  Adjust it to leave some slack.  When the horse puts its head down to buck ... it will get a sharp snap from the bit, and not be able to get the head down.
  My favorite horse would get startled at the least little thing, and jump STRAIGHT up in the air (with all fours) and SIDEWAYS at the same time!  Made life interesting!

bnanajm said...

Mosie, I'm glad you're back.  I was worried there for awhile.  You know how I am.  :o)


La Banana

bookncoffee said...

Glad Anna is ok.  I worry about the kids riding.  That's mainly b/c I'm a scardy cat myself.