Wednesday, May 4, 2005

the cheap rocking horse

I'm sure this plastic rocking horse didn't cost much, even when it was new.  By the time I found it at a garage sale in town, I believe the price was fifty cents.  I was a brand new grandma, and I was babysitting my first grandson, Arick, while his mom finished her senior year.  Any time I found a garage sale with baby toys, I selected some for him.

Arick went to Germany with his parents, and by the time he returned, he had a baby sister, and was two years old.  He played with the rocking horse quite a bit, as I remember.  Arick and Amber left for Texas with their parents, and Amber wasn't around much as a toddler.  I don't recall if she rode the horse or not.  But my daughter's little boy, Brett, really enjoyed it. 

Later on, I babysat Kody.  He spent lots of happy times on the horse, although he had a habit of rocking too enthusiastically and getting bucked off.

Then came Monica and Natalie.  They're seven and nine now, and much too big for the rocking horse.  But that doesn't stop them from dragging it downstairs almost every time they visit, and climbing aboard.

It's funny, how the some cheap, trivial thing you bring into your life somehow can become an indelible part of your memories.

I believe I just might take the rocking horse into the nursing home when I go. 


starstarj said...

It is really neat!  I wouldn't part with it either of course if you saw our storage shed you would know there is not much I do part with lol.  This year garage sale time, some of this stuff I moved here almost 5 years ago from Illinois to TN and I havn't seen it since so now I am getting rid of it which is what I should of done instead of moving it like a turtle moves his house.

starstarj said...

Forgot to send you a BIG thank you for posting the link to Homesteading Today.  I love the place and have already posted to sell some of my irises.  So you see even though I don't live on a farm anymore there is alot of country that beats in my heart.  I enjoy reading all about the animals and was even able to answer a goat question for someone since I use to raise them. Please post a picture of the the twins (calves) if your able to.  

ksquester said...

You may be "sitting on" a part of your retirement fund.......go EBAY!   lol Anne

plieck30 said...

Yep I think you should take it with you when you go. lol You really got your moneys worth out of this horse. Paula

csandhollow said...

That is so cute! Yep I can see it now. You in nursing home and great grand babies riding it!

tendernoggle said...

Awwwwwwww.....aren't you glad that you kept it all these years?
I don't think I could part with it either!!!

ryanagi said...

How cute! I had a rocking horse when I was a was about the size of a pony and it was suspended from 4 springs in the center of a metal frame. They don't make them like that nowadays...because kids would get hurt so often on the metal springs or frame I suppose. LOL  Sadly, Tyler has never shown much interest in his rocking or scooting toys. He likes to race around on his own two legs. LOL