Thursday, May 5, 2005

family reunion

About a year ago, my daughter suggested we have a family reunion. 

"What family," I asked.

"You know, a Wood family reunion."

"Where?" I ventured.

"Here.  At your house."

I think I raised my voice slightly as I said, "Do you know how much WORK that would be?  It's easy for you to say 'Let's have a family reunion!'"

But in July, we had a reunion of sorts, when my Georgia son was visiting: immediate family, some friends, and a couple of Cliff's siblings and nephews.  It was great fun, and in the afterglow of that, I decided maybe we should extend the borders and reach out a bit further... Cliff's cousins, for instance.  He only gets to see them at funerals, these days.

We've contacted several of them, and it looks promising.  Cliff got a call from his cousin, Kenneth, today.  He's going to supply a whole roasted hog, and bring about twenty people.  I'm excited.

Most of the people attending live within a couple hours' drive, except for Cliff's Kansas brother and his Wisconsin sister.

Oh, by the way; how many portable toilets should we rent?  We have one tiny bathroom in the house.  LOL.

To my friend Joanna, if you are reading this... please don't remind me I'm not a "people person". 


amy122389 said...

I'm jealous ~ I don't even know most of my relatives....  although a family reunion with Jesse's side of the family...yikes ~ THAT would be work; he's got alot... :-P


bnanajm said...


Love and kisses from

La Bnana

AKA Joanna

ryanagi said...


csandhollow said...

I suggest 2 unless they are really expensive.