Saturday, May 7, 2005

riding my horse

I haven't mentioned riding too much lately, except for my adventure with Anna, next door.  But I've been riding almost every day, and loving it.  Last night Blue and I turned a different direction when we crossed the bridge to the river bottoms and discovered some lovely paths made by people on four-wheelers.  Except for practically getting my head sawed off by a prickly vine of some sort (four-wheelers, being much lower to the ground, don't clear out the brush at horse-riding height), it was delightful.

On the way home, there's a horse that lives along the highway, and Blue always wants to greet him.  I never see anyone ride him.  Last night there was a sign on the fence, "Horse For Sale".  I called the number, but nobody was home.  The price would have to be pretty low for me to buy him.  I've never much cared for Appaloosas.  And he'd have to be broke.  However, as Mark Rashid says, "A good horse is never a bad color".   


astaryth said...

Yep, the LAST thing you choose your horse (or dog for that matter) on is color... that being said, I got my tri-color corgi and my black bay arabian, both of which are not the 'common' color for their breeds <g> But, if the horse is broke, and Blue already likes him... hey, that's two of the most important criteria... Good Luck!

csandhollow said...

I have been told that Apps are high strung but I really do not know.

simplytinaok said...

Yep, Disposition is first on the list!  I hope the price is right and that he is what you are looking for....I bet Blue would love a pasture pal.
Take care!
bye the way, your ride sounded so relaxing the way you described it....oh how i miss Missouri! :o)