Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I get my wildlife education in my comment section

Thanks to my readers, I now know the difference between a snapping turtle and a red-eared turtle; and I know how to tell a beaver from an otter.

If it weren't for my comment section, I'd be guilty of broadcasting all kinds of mis-information across the internet.

Keep on keeping me on my toes, gentle readers!


madcobug said...

I was pretty sure that wasn't a snapping turtle but after yesterday and the beavers/otters I wasn't about to correct you again LOL. Snapping turtles are editable but not the red-eared one as far as I know. Helen

mutualaide said...

Just like madcobug, I thought perhaps the turtle is what we call a painted turtle here.  But then, I agreed with you on the beaver-otters ... LOL!

astaryth said...

Wow... all that water. I have a friend who just moved to SanAntonio and the area she was moving to was in a long drought (like a couple of years) She's been there a little more than 5 weeks and it has rained all but 1 week! She says there is nothing but mud.. poor thing! And I saw on the weather this morning it is raining there AND where you are too!

Here we are having the opposite problem... Wildfires! It was so smokey yesterday afternoon that they told people to turn their lights on and warned that in places visibility was down to 1/2 mile!!

starstarj said...

Sorry Mosie not trying to be a know it all. It is just that I know alot about all different animals. Sort of a hobby and I am a big animal nut also.

ickivic said...

Donna,  I hope that you're safe,  I've heard the news reports.  Take care of you and Cliff    Vicki