Thursday, May 24, 2007

Websites that consume too much of my time

I spend way too much time here in front of my computer.

There are the message boards and forums:  Tractor Tales, Country Living, and Homesteading Today (which is where I found someone willing to sell me my Jersey heifer, Secret, and may be where I find a husband for her).

I read dozens of journals, many of which you can see on the left here under "Other Journals".  My very, very favorite (other than those of my children) is "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman".    Ree's writings are as necessary to my waking up in the morning as my first cup of coffee.  As if that weren't bad enough, I have to go back and read the one-hundred-or-so comments her readers leave.  At least twice per evening.

Of course I simply have to keep journaling all my activities... not only here on AOL, but on my blogspot site.

I visit Ebay and

And now I've discovered Craigslist.  And The Best of Craigslist.

Somebody just shoot me.


madcobug said...

LOL, I find myself reading entirely to many journals and comments. I sit here with my back killing me and do that anyway. I know that I don't need to sit here that long. I am doing myself harm in doing that. I was thinking today that I really need to cut back on reading as many as I do. Helen

lmitc89854 said...

I read your blogs first and then go to Ree's!

marainey1 said...

I'm not getting any alerts on new entries and I do miss them.  This morning I'm checking out my favorites, just to see if there are new posts.  Of course you are one of my favorites and yes, you did have an entry.  Have a great day!  'On Ya' - ma

amy122389 said...

Ehh...I'm internet addicted, too.  I can justify it because it makes me smarter.  :-D


nerves05 said...

I'm addicated to Ree to.
Every morning i check your blogs first and then Ree's.
Ree is a nut. I love her.

Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend.
Take care  :-)