Monday, May 7, 2007

May I get political just this once?

I'm Republican to the core.  I love Israel; my Jesus came out of Israel.

Jimmy Carter is probably the smartest person whom I've ever stood alongside... and the only reason I got that close is because he doesn't think he's some sort of god, just because he's an ex-president.

I like THIS.

He may be wrong.  I may be wrong.  But if there was ever a just man, a man with a good heart, a man with the guts to say what he thinks... a true, sincere Christian like I would love to be... it's Jimmy Carter.


mutualaide said...

I used to be a hard core Dem, then I rolled somewhere around the middle, but I'm pretty much now a die-hard Republican ... although I get nervous admitting it!  LOL.  I have ALWAYS loved Jimmy Carter -- as a person.

jspiker said...

Jimmy Carter is a VERY good man....
It's important to get involved in politics in these days and times.
Apathy is our greatest enemy.

ksquester said...

Excellent broadcast.  I think he is right!  Anne