Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Random pictures taken yesterday

Because the grass was too wet for walking here at home, Cliff and I went to the local park for our exercise and encountered this fellow on the track.  He was about a foot long.  As snapping turtles go, he wasn't very aggressive; Cliff tried to get him to snap at his pliers, and he only made one weak attempt at biting them.

As we were getting ready to leave the park, the fellow who does the mowing and upkeep there, who was born and raised in this area, told us he had never seen the water get as deep over the road, for as great a distance, as it was yesterday morning.

All this area as far as the distant tree line (which marks where the Missouri River usually flows) is an area where I usually ride my horse.  You can see the water is on the railroad tracks here.

No danger of a train coming along at this railroad crossing for awhile.

At my other horseback riding road, these Odessa Environmental guys were at waters edge with boats.  I have no idea what they were up to.

This neighbor was picking up night crawlers on the flooded highway.



mutualaide said...

Your pictures kind of put things in perspective.  You know?  That's one good-sized snapper!  

dbaumgartner said...

I saw some of the river pics on the news last night. It is really high in some places.

Great pic of the snapper. :-)

Be safe,


madcobug said...

Great pictures. I noticed they had on our news last night about all that flooding up your way. I hope it all goes down soon and doesn't ruin peoples homes if it hasn't already. Helen

starstarj said...

Not a snapping turtle Mosie. I THINK this is called a red eared turtle but definately not a snapper

starstarj said...

Mosie By the way I love the pictures.  

fowfies said...

Wow y'all have been getting a lot of rain haven't you! I didnt realize you lived so close to the water, oh I would be out there all the time, nice pictures, love the water. Yeah, I saw that post above, we as kids always called them red eared sliders...down at the nature preserve over where I used to live they have some HUGE snapping turtles, looks like you could just about strap them up and ride one! LOL!

deshelestraci said...

What a bunch of water!  Glad your house is ok.