Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A horseback riding video

The granddaughters had been wanting to ride Blue for a long time.  Now that we have a round pen, I'm more comfortable putting them on my horse.  They'd be much better off with boots and Wrangler jeans (real cowgirls always wear Wrangler).  But we got by.

I'll be putting a video of Natalie on my blogger journal shortly.  She rides a little faster.

My granddaughter, Monica, riding


madcobug said...

She did good. I didn't see anywhere you cut Monica's head off just Blue's a couple of times. I think you did a good job taking the video. Helen

deshelestraci said...

I like your round pen!  Very nice!

nerves05 said...

He's such a beautiful horse. Where has libby been? Haven't heard about her in a while. When will you be able to ride her?

Take care  :-)