Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OK Anne...

I saw the following comment on my last entry, and figured I'd better respond.  " WHAT???? No daily update????   What's up?   Anne
Comment from ksquester - 5/30/07 7:20 PM

For one thing, my dear Anne and other readers, the rain is so interspersed throughout the day I can't ride my horse; this eliminates one of my favorite subjects.

For another, Cliff and I are trying to sell a couple more tractors on Craigslist and Yesterday's Tractors.  This has consumed some of my Internet time.

Then there's this:  Cliff's Kansas brother's wife has attempted, for the last three years, to keep him from coming here in July to meet with all his siblings.  Although he's had to leave her at home, he's made the trip alone because it's hard to get all of them together... what with him in southern Kansas and the sister in Wisconsin.  Truthfully, we've not been disappointed that he didn't bring his wife; because we're all a bit below her standards.

So this year he called months early and said they were leaving on their vacation July 4.  I wonder whose idea that was?

No problem, I said.  We'll have our family get-together either the weekend before or the weekend after.

We checked with Don, and he said the weekend before would be fine.  We scheduled the little reunion for July 1, and everyone made their arrangements.

When Cliff and I went to Don's a couple of weeks ago, his wife asked, "Now when are you having everybody there?"

"July 1, Sunday," I told her.  And she nodded, as though that would work.

So today Cliff gets the phone call.  Suddenly they're leaving June 30.  Reservations have been made and cannot be changed.  I now realize she was confirming the date of our family get-together so she'd be sure and throw a monkey-wrench in it.

And that, my dear Anne, is why I didn't post today.  Because I hate it when I vent.

Of course, you can always check my Blogger site for Wordless Wednesday.  It's a hoot today.


cgtperkins said...

I just realized yoiu had another journal....I love it. I have really enjoyed reading about you and your days. If you guys ever come towards Nashville on the bike you will have to let me know. We ride pretty often, but I would love to just take off and head west on the bike....sounds like so much fun.

randlprysock said...

There always seems to be one person in the family to make things difficult.  We can't seem to get everyone together either... we have some similar relations.  Well hope it all goes well and everything works out.  Sounds like you handled it beautifully.  Maybe he'll leave her at home. LOL.  Hugs,
Lisa  :)

jawojnar said...

What is her problem???!!! She should never come between he and his family. Why doesn't she just stay home. I guess there is always one in every family (yes, we have one too). OK, now I am venting too. LOL. The vacation plans sound good. How long is the ride?

mutualaide said...

Some people.  I don't like it when I vent either, but it does slip in now and again.  :::sigh:::  Again, some people.

rooster1614 said...

I understand totally...I have a sister-in-law that is the same way.  She seems to think that she is soooo much better than us.  Oh well, it's her loss....  I think we all have family members like that.  Just make the best of it...  Hollie

hestiahomeschool said...

ohhh....I have a BIL from Hell.
I left Christmas Eve in tears.

plieck30 said...

The thorn in my side had a heart transplant and died. No I'm not glad. Paula

lanurseprn said...

Oh man I'd be mad! Seems as if all families have one, though. Hope the rains let up so you can ride again.

bnanajm said...

I love it when you vent.  You make me feel so normal.


The big mouf from Virginia  :o)

ickivic said...

Every family has one, why does one person try to squash the fun for everyone else.  You'll have more fun without her!

madcobug said...

That was a downright dirty thing for her to do. Why should anyone try to keep family apart for a once a year get together. She could have just done like she did in the past and stayed home and let him come. So just change the date again until they get back. Show her LOL. Helen

lowis6535 said...

DITTO ON "Love it when you vent" ... you do it so well.  You'd think that a person like that would be embarassed about what people might think of her actions?

lorinokla said...

I was wondering if you were busy or off exploring on Blue.

It is sunny today in OK but still the threat of rain hanging over our heads. Gah, Im tired of rain.

Your SIL sounds like a nasty woman. I have one similar, suddenly she is trying to be my 'pal' after 17 years.....I am suspicious of her and dont want anything to do w/ being her 'pal'.

Your get-together will be better off w/ out the SIL, too bad your BIL will miss out tho. Why are men so BLIND when it comes to things like this?!?!

ksquester said...

WELL, errr, you have vented....doesn't that feel better? haaaaaaaa  What a monkey's hind end that woman is. Tell her she is going to miss the testicle festival.  (Loved the picture)  Anne

siennastarr said...

Why in the world are people like that??  Trying to keep their spouses away from their family and loved ones.  I just don't get it.. never will..