Sunday, May 20, 2007

Natural gas well in Kansas

Natural gas well in Kansas

I assumed this was an oil well, but Donald says it's a natural gas well.  Anyhow, it pumps away constantly, not far behind his house, which you'll see toward the end of the video.

I absolutely love the way there are no power lines and jet vapor trails cluttering up the scenery out there.

Oh, for a different video, catch "Cliff getting high in Kansas".


madcobug said...

That is pretty neat. I wonder if it runs into a line to a storage place or where it goes. Helen

gifdude said...

I drove from Colby, KS in western KS to home on Friday. Yep, nothing but farmland, rolling hills and open sky. :)

lorinokla said...

My husband's gas wells look the same too. Very much like oil wells.

I like the oil wells, something hypnotic about the pumpjack going slowly up and down.

We have a well near our house, across the county road that occassionally 'cadillacs'..Im not sure exactly what that means but the well is LOUD for a minute or 2. Once hubs explained it to me but I am very non mechanical, my brain does not understand machines of any kind.....