Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our morning walk

Cliff and I started the day watching TV in bed; first the news, and then "My Favorite Martian" (the recent movie, not the old TV series).  The granddaughters and I had seen it last week and thoroughly enjoyed it; I knew Cliff would like it too. 

After finishing off the heart-healthy coffeecake we've been having for breakfast for three days, we headed out for our walk.  It's 15 degrees out, so it takes us a good ten minutes to get all those clothes on; Sadie whines the whole time, anxious to go.

I fed the barn cats and made sure there was water in their heated dish; Cliff gave the horses their morning treat of hay, although it was supposed to be alfalfa, and it wasn't.  An interesting note on the horses:  Libby, the newcomer and baby of the bunch, is moving up the totem pole.  She lays back her ears and nips toward Sassy, and Sassy moves!  I was surprised to see one so young getting away with that.  It's all part of herd politics, and I believe pecking order is about to change.

The footing wasn't too great for our walk, and we had to forgo some of the steepest areas.  Evidently, at some point during the night, there was a little freezing drizzle on top of the sleet on the ground, and it made it slick.

Now I sit here with a cup of hot tea almost gone, thinking I'm not going to do much today.  Maybe read, or find a good movie on TV.  It's that kind of day.


marainey1 said...

You all were very brave to walk in that cold.  I don't walk in the winter - at least hardly ever.  I'm afraid of falling and I definitely don't like the cold. Good day to sip that tea and stay in.  'On Ya' - ma

ora4uk said...

WOW!!! I can see getting out and checking our the four legged friends....but way...not in 15 degree weather...but the hot tea and movie sound great....Happy day...Hugs..Ora

ickivic said...

Wow, you and Cliff are so commited to your walk.  I guess the animals needs don't stop when it's cold out.  I loved the pics  Vicki

jawojnar said...

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your day.

cyandfayedavis said...

Oh how I long to have "that kind of day" here.  If it ever snows I always make chicken dumplings, also known as chicken stew.  This was a family tradition when the older children were little.  It's good snuggle up comfort food.

lanurseprn said...

15 degrees?? OUCH!  Enjoyed your pics.  Stay warm!

fierrorachel said...

Thanks for the tea suggestion.  I have peach, orange, and vanilla.  Yum.