Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What next?

I heard a vehicle struggling in our slick-as-snot driveway this morning at 5 AM.  Hmmm, that's to early for Rachel to be bringing the girls. 

Our renter is a truck driver, and he's on the road most of the time.  When he's home, he brings only the tractor-cab here and parks in front of the barn, leaving the trailer elsewhere.

For some reason, this morning he's driving one tractor and pulling another (wrecked?) one.  And he's stuck in our drive.  My daughter will have to turn around in the road when she brings the girls.  And it looks like one more day we won't go anywhere.

We're out of milk, and slowly running out of other essential stuff.  I guess I'll make pancakes for the granddaughters this morning.

Never a dull moment, eh?

(Added later:  Rick got a run at the drive and made it to the top.  Whoopee!)


artloner said...

Watching the Weather Channel, and thinking of's headed this way.

Hang in there and BE CAREFUL!!!  No need to bust a leg or hip, but I know you've gotta eat.  Ya'll just be safe.

Love ,


ora4uk said...

Been watching the weather....and know you are in deep doo doo...or snow and be careful going out...if you get to go out...and the pancakes sound really great...lucky girls....Hugs to ya...Ora

lorinokla said...

brrrr it looks as cold there as it is here. Have a good day today w/ your granddaughters :) pancakes sound delicious right now.

csandhollow said...

Pancakes sound good to me! It does look like a wrecked truck. I have seen trucks hauling other trucks like that down the road. Sometimes there are 2 trucks on the back of one.

tendernoggle said...

Mosie is it anything that I can do???? Can I send you anything...can UPS delivery trucks get in there? Can you get out now??? DO you have food??
I am worried.

lanurseprn said...

Can your daughter drop off some milk for you if you need it?  You really are stuck, huh?

amy122389 said...

Since they've shut down a bunch of roads here in San Antonio, we're running a little low on essentials too.  Ah well.....a couple PB & J sandwiches should do us fine....


gaboatman said...

It's always something new at your place, LOL!  I hope you can get re-supplied soon.

fmgruber said...

A 1/4 inche of ice or eight foot drifts I'm on the road feeding cattle evryday. Never been able to get them to take a day off eating. Stay safe. That's number one. Leave the roads to those of us got some certain souls what need us to take care of them.

magran42 said...

I like this know there's diesel fuel in my blood!