Thursday, January 11, 2007

odds and ends

Cliff has finally managed to come down with the cold I tried to give him for three weeks.  I certainly hope he gets rid of it sooner than I did.

My journals:  I have no plans to leave AOL.  After all, it's free.  But I don't expect it to be around forever; I hope I'm wrong.  Back about eight years ago, free Internet providers popped up all over the place, and I took advantage of several; first one, then another, would either shut down or start charging.  NetZero was one of these.  Freewwweb (I think that's how it was spelled) was another.  So I'm apprehensive about any Internet service that goes "free".

As for my health journal, it costs me nothing to leave it there, so I'm going to do that for Magran, if nobody else.  If it helped someone lose weight, then hey, why destroy it.  Right?

We have a cold snap coming in tonight and tomorrow, and weather-guessers think we'll get some freezing rain and sleet... but not much.  These are the same guys who can't predict what's going to happen this afternoon, and they think they know how much sleet we'll get in three days?

Next week looks downright cold, with lows in the single-digits.  There won't be any horseback riding for awhile.

I really do not care for December and January.  We have so many extra bills during that time.  I had plotted and schemed and figured out exactly how we'd pay our $450 propane bill and $500 personal property taxes, and I had it whipped; in fact, the taxes got paid before January 1, as they are supposed to.  I had budgeted for the propane bill and cut back on groceries somewhat, when we got the old double-whammy in the mail:  Our house insurance bill came in.  Looks like the long-suffering propane people will have to wait (they've always been great about waiting).  This spring I'm going back on the level-pay plan, where we'll have the same bill every month all year around.

It's always darkest before the dawn.  In February, we get our income tax refund and catch up on everything!  I know it's supposed to be wise not to get a refund... after all, you are letting the government use your money for nothing.  But I like windfalls, and that's what the yearly refund feels like to me.

We don't live hand-to-mouth in winter because we're poor; Cliff has a great job, and makes a goodliving. 
Between us, we simply have too many toys .

But we sure have fun.


ora4uk said...

sorry cliff has a cold...hope it passes soon...and January always seems to be the time to receive all the statement for the things we enjoy all year LOL...but like you say..."we have fun"....and it all comes out in the to speak...more Vicks coming up...for cliff that is!!!  Hugs ... Ora

csandhollow said...

I hope Cliff's cold gets better soon.
Our land taxes are due right before Christams. car tags were due(and paid) today. Insurance was last week( cars,motorcycle, house) ....sign.... never ending battle.

marainey1 said...

I know January is a rough month.  My gas and electric are both on what they call the budget plan.  Supposedly you pay the same every month and even out in July.  Last January they doubled (readjusted) my monthly gas bill .   I had to pay that amount until July and it wasn't easy .  I cut back on everything and was still short a time or two.  Had to rob the piggy bank.  These utiltiy bills are out of sight.  'On Ya' - ma

plieck30 said...

Having fun is important! Paula

mrsm711 said...

I agree with the refund.  It's fun getting money back.  Sounds like you are in love and have alot of fun.  That's what life is all about.  :)     Tracy

schoolgal040 said...

Hi Donna,
I love the leve-pay plan. We have that with the power company here in Vegas and it saves us in the summer. But even with that extra help, power bills are still high.
I'm glad your not leaving AOL. You would be so missed here!
I hope Cliff gets over his cold quickly.

tendernoggle said...

You  have your priorities in order Mosie!
love ya,

bnanajm said...

I also love the payment plan.  I use it for both electricity and gas.  It truly is easier to budget knowing what the monthly payment will be.

I also have received tax refunds for many years.  I know Uncle may be using my money, but it's like a forced savings plan for me.  I've learned to live on my paycheck and what comes in later is always great.

Once again I was blessed.  I missed the ax in the huge layoff yesterday, so I consider myself lucky to have a paycheck.  And I too have too many toys, but no way am I getting rid of any of them.



nerves05 said...

I always like income tax time. I call it rich for a day.
Which i have children so it's worth the wild. But thats when i pay our property taxes out of that and buy extra grocerys. and do some things we don't get to do any other time. It's the one time i don't worry about money just for a brief day or two. Who ever said money doesn't make the world go around lied.
Geesh your property taxes are cheap on 43 acers. Mine is more than that on 2 & 1/2.
Take care  :-)

magran42 said...

It finally got cold here.  I woke in the middle of the night with the sound of money just floating away in the wind...the heat running.  Started to do an entry about it but in the end..turned over..snuggled up and went back to sleep.  Prayers for Cliff.

lanurseprn said...

Sounds like it's all under control. Good for you!