Friday, January 26, 2007


Perhaps you've noticed, my entries have been rather boring lately.


Because nothing is happening around here.

I suppose no news is good news, because we haven't had any crises for me to blog about.

I just hadn't realized how much of my journal is about things I do outdoors.  And I don't get outside much lately.  We had the ice and severe cold weather, then the snow, and now we have mud, as a result of all the snow and ice melting.  More severe cold is predicted this weekend and all next week, after we get to a high of 45 today.

That means more mud, before it all freezes back hard as the hubs of hell (just how hard is
that, anyhow?)

My filly, Libby, is getting huge.  I haven't handled her for two or three weeks, except to pet her when I walk past.  Do you suppose she'll have forgotten everything I taught her? 

It would be warm enough today for riding, but the muddy conditions will prohibit that; Blue slips and slides on mud too much to suit me.  It will not be warm enough for the motorcycle ride that Cliff is longing for.

So, that's why my entries lately are about television shows I'm watching.  Boring, eh?

(I now have the full second season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD, by the way... but I'll spare you the details on that.)


ora4uk said...

Yes I can feel your "being closed in by the walls" situation...and like you this is when reading and some TV is the mainstay of the day....and no I don't think Libby will forget all you have taught her...she is a smart filly....and as they is always darkest before the dawn...just think how nice it is going to be...outside....your cabin....riding your horse...or your cycle...hang tough lady...and by the way...nothing you write about is boring...for me it is always a learning situation LOL...being the country you are and the city I am LOLOL...Hugs to ya...Ora of KY....

marainey1 said...

Every winter I go into hibernation...never do anything but shovel snow for outside entertainment.  Well maybe we'll be like the butterflies when they come out of the cocoons in the Spring we'll hope so anyway.  'On Ya' - ma

csandhollow said...

Boring can be good. No drama!
Libby will remember. You have been doing good teaching her and learning yourself.

ksquester said...

It's nice in Arizona..........come on down!!  Can you believe that it was warmer in London than in Kansas and in Arizona? We had a big freeze in AZ last week and a lot of plants died, while in London the flowers were still beautiful in the window boxes.  Anne

deshelestraci said...

I love,love,love Grey's Anatomy.  I'm so boring I might watch last night's episode again tonight!  Sad, huh?
I doubt Libby will forget her lessons.  Horses are smart that way.

toonguykc said...

When you're really bored you could always -- oh, I don't know -- (let me think for a second) go check out a certain cartoon blog I keep trying to get people to look at.  Just a thought.  

I'm pathetic.


bnanajm said...

AHHHHH - you've got 'Grey's' fever too!!!!!  Hee hee hee - at least you can't blame that one on me......

Or can you?



PS:  David loaned me the whole 2nd season.  That's how I got re-hooked.

sam7md2 said...

I'll admit it, I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy now too.  The first episode I saw shocked me, but I finally went back and now guess where I am on Wednesday's at 9:00.  I'm also hooked on Ugly Betty and am getting hooked on House.  Are we sick or what?..........Sam