Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sadie is adjusting to our new quarters

Sadie had visited the mobile home with me several times before we moved, but she had no idea we'd ever be staying here.  She's confused, to say the least.

At the old house, dogs and kids constantly trek through the yard or up and down the road near the living room window, and Sadie loved to stand on her hind feet, look out the window, and bark at them.  At this house, the windows are much nearer the floor, so she can stand on all fours and look out easily; but there are few dogs to bark at.  This has taken away some of the most exciting moments of her day (I personally don't miss the traffic across the yard at all, and I surely don't miss Buddy peeing on all four corners of my house).

Sadie has never been allowed on furniture.  She sheds almost as badly as a cat, and we don't want hair on our clothes.  She's always been fine with this rule.  The one exception has been that when she and I spend a night back at the cabin, she gets to sleep on my bunk with me.

Imagine Cliff's surprise, then, when he stepped in the front door Saturday and found Sadie on the couch, looking at him as though all were well.  He yelled at her, but she simply thought he was trying to get her to bark at dogs outside (it's a game we play with her).  Later on, I caught her on the couch again; and she found out we weren't playing games.

Monday, once more, Cliff walked in to find her on the couch and took after her with the broom.

Now I'm wondering if she's been on the couch before; at the old house, we only used the back door, which leads into a hall going to the kitchen.  Sadie would have heard us and come to meet us before we ever suspected she had been on the couch. 

My daughter thinks that Sadie just considers this another cabin, figuring it's OK to sleep on furniture here.

This morning I went from the computer room to the living room and there she was on the couch AGAIN!  This time, though, she instantly jumped down and acted guilty.

So at least now she understands that she isn't supposed to be there.  I guess that's progress.

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madcobug said...

Poor Sadie, can't sleep on the couch. Try keeping two of them off. I just resorted to keeping both dog beds on the love seat in the den area so there they stay except for getting on top of the seat which I keep covered with a sheet. Helen

dbaumgartner said...

Ahhhh, Sadie should have a spot on the couch. But, I can understand about the hair issue. I have two cats and try and keep them off the furniture. LOL I have lots of covers over the backs of the chairs and sofas. LOL


mutualaide said...

Poor Sadie ... not!  Donna, we used aluminum foil laid out on the seat cushions of our couch with our last larger dog who thought it was his bed.  Uh-uh dog.  Worked like a charm.  He'd start to get up, feel the foil, hear the crinkle and off he'd go!  My sister used newspaper.  LOL -- whatever worked when we were not at home.  

But I think your Sadie ... she will get the hang of it.  ')

magran42 said...

I'm sure Sadie will learn the rules (with a little persuasion).  She may be clinging to the familiar items now.

fowfies said...

I bet that she was always on the couch while y'all were gone. Tip used to do that before we crated her while we were gone. She was stubborn about it and was on our bed a lot. Glad Sadie is getting the message now.Kelly

carolhehe said...

Ahhhh, It is hard to adjust to a new place for animals. I think your daughter has a point. But she will get used to it there tool ;)

siennastarr said...

I think they do get confused, Donna.  In time Sadie will 'get it.'  She already is.. just give her a few more days!  


purplehazebarn said...

We used newspaper, and it broke our dog's habit.  If your dog sheds, I think you would have known if she was using the couch when you were out.  Our dog sheds just like that, and the couches were just filled with hair from her making her self at home on them when we moved here.  It is worth a try.  Scolding didn't work with our bitch!  Congratulations on your new home.  LaVern

lanurseprn said...

Your daughter may be right. She'll understand if you keep on telling her. Just give her awhile. She's stressed a bit right now, too!  Moving is tough. Even though you are still on your same land, there are new scents for her.
Hope you have a good night,

suzypwr said...

She probably has been doing it all along is my guess. I would also put newspapers on the couch when you are gone. They don't like to sleep on paper. She will figure it out soon enough :-)